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Disable Cell Standby on A1

2011-12-01, 20:22 PM

I have a US A1 which does not have cellular capabilities, only WIFI. Under Settings>About Tablet>Battery use, the greatest use  right now is Cell standby (77%). This is a serious bug as my battery is being drained by cellular hardware that is not used.  What exactly is the Cell Standby doing and how do I disable it? 


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2011-12-02, 1:42 AM




If you're rooted, renaming Phone.apk to Phone.apk.BAK (or freezing it with Titanium Backup) will work.

If you rename/freeze Phone.apk, you'll start getting force closes right away; a restart fixes those which will then not reoccur.


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2011-12-02, 4:32 AM

Do as it suggests and turn on Airplane mode.  The Cell Standby value will persist until you shut down, charge it up fully (resets the Battery counter), and restart.  Once you've restarted Display will show at 100%.  Turn on Wi-fi and check again only Display and Wi-fi should be present.  Later Tablet Idle will appear unless you do other things that the OS counts.


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2012-09-13, 15:13 PM

Turn on and keep tablet in airplane mode.  Can enable/disable WiFi while airplane mode is on.  Eliminates cell standby problem.


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2012-09-16, 16:01 PM

Just curious here: I saw no difference in battery life, either way. Does this airplane mode make any difference in battery life? Disabling cell capability to reduce power consumption seems senseless when those cellphone integrated circuits aren't even installed on the A1.


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2012-09-17, 14:22 PM

Mmmmna, the idea behind disabling the Cell Standby is to stop a process from utilizing the processor. Every time the processor is activated, more power is consumed. I don't know how effective this is in practice, but that is the theory.


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2013-01-06, 20:48 PM

i activated the airplane mode, turn off the device, charge it to 100%. than turn it on and go to batery use,  it says 76% used by display time 1 min and nothin else. i deactivate dhe airplane mode and it automaticly says 14% use by cell standby and 76% by display. i turn on the airplane mode again, than it says 76% used by display and nothing else. display doesnt use 100%, i am sure that the remaining 14 % that is not shown is used by the cell standby, its sensless!!


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Re: Disable Cell Standby on A1

2013-08-16, 7:54 AM

Has there ever been a definitive answer to this one? My A1 loses over half the battery overnight to mobile standby.


Airplane mode is on (the logo is grey, not blue, does that mean it is not actually on?)

Mobile data is off

All location services are off

I tired renaming phone.apk but that stopped a few other things working including the play store


I've tried it with Android 4.0.4 and slimdroid 8.1. Both the same


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