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Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-21, 11:40 AM

I purchased my K1 back in October 2011 and being that I am 100% Android no product from Apple was ever going to be an option for me. So it goes without saying I was very excited to finally experience one of these things and see what all the buzz was truly about.. Standing at my local Office Depot and looking down at the K1 and Transformer the differences between the two screens was obvious.. but something kept pulling me towards the K1. I might be among the few but I actually like the little thingy in the center that brings up the wheel to the side and also like the square launcher in the center so that is what I went with and initially was very very happy..


Being familiar with the Android community in general I found it rather odd that in the different forums the K1 was not represented as well as other tablets so at first I found it a bit tricky finding any info about it till I made my way here and was pleasantly surprised to see other K1 owners sharing their knowledge about the product.


After reading through many of the posts it became clear that this tablet was not without it's problems and while I didn't experience as many as some, I did experience enough to understand what others were complaining about..  But still overall I remained happy until my first experience with Lenovo customer support which left me very unhappy and confused thinking.. could it really be this bad? Well after my second and for sure after my third everything others had said about their own bad experiences proved to be true.. Add to that the crap support for spare USB Cables, USB Host Cables, ICS support or even just getting a straight answer about ANYTHING!!  I have finally decided to move on from my K1 which sold on eBay a week ago and I'll be moving to a Xoom for now until the next great Android tablet comes to market..


THANK YOU to the users (NOT Lenovo) for all the valuable information you provided over these last few months.. You were all very helpful and for that I am very grateful.. Lenovo should really look at the loyalty some of you people show and rather than continue to punish with poor support.. they should step up, do the right thing and support YOU for supporting them!


Its been a couple weeks since I've been on here so not sure it you all have gotten the elusive "host cable" yet or any new news on ICS but I'll keep checking from time to time.. Good Luck Guys!



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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-21, 13:32 PM
Thats sums it. Support the people who supports you. Too-bad lenovo-is far from doing that.

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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-21, 16:45 PM

Unfortunately, that's all too true...


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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-21, 22:47 PM

I too am comtemplating dropping my K1 and getting another iPad or possibly Galaxy Tab 10.1 if I want another Android tab.  At least with the Samsung, I know the following:


1.  The accessories will be similar and compatible with my 7.0 Tab Plus.


3.  Samsung already announced SOME TIME AGO that both tabs WILL be getting ICS

4.  My Samsung has better wifi strength than the K1, so I assume it would be the same with the 10.1

5.  Another example of superior support is that while everyone here was asking about the new Google Play, my Samsung got updated with it a couple of weeks ago.


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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-22, 5:20 AM
Before you jump off the k1 ship check the forums for the ipad3, its only a few days old and already there is a ton of complains about it. For example overheating weak wifi signal just to name a few.
I had my tablet since christmas and truelly enjoy it

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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-22, 11:28 AM

I was actually thinking of the 2.  The Retina display on the 3 looks fantastic, but the 2 is discounted now, and I PERSONALLY just don't see the need for such an intense display on such a tiny screen - especially since it comes with the necessary hogging of resources required to map out such a detailed screen.  I have the originals for my business, and they perform well enough.  Some glitching, but a much better interface than the K1.


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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-22, 23:08 PM

I too are saying goodby to my K1 ,it would not wake or boot with anything i try and support is ,well not support they lost my respect , never will i buy another lenovo product and anyone who asks me will not buy their's either


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Re: Good Bye and Thank You (K1)

2012-03-23, 1:49 AM
lenovo's "Customer Delight" people have decided to issue me an RMA so back mine goes as well.
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