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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-16, 11:21 AM
Removed message from public view as it was attacking Mark personally. Keep it civil and reasonable.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-16, 15:46 PM

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-16, 17:10 PM

I am new to this forum, but have had my K1 since Christmas. I bought it with the understanding, from everything that I had read at the time, that this tablet would be upgraded to ICS and would be supported for a very long time. It was touted as Lenovo's flagship tablet when I was doing my research. I read HOURS of reviews and definitely would NOT have purchased this device over several others that I was considering if the reviews had reflected the bad service and, quite frankly, unexcusable lack of any official word that I read about daily now. I appreciate, from what I have read here, what little info Mark has been able to give us, but that still does not excuse Lenovo's unwillingness to asnwer any questions officially.


I work for a large corporation in the health care industry and for years all we used were Lenovo workstations and SFF desktop PC's. I would have never considered Lenovo as a "take your money and run as fast as possible" kind of company..... UNTIL NOW!




It is a good device and it's sad that it is getting such second rate backing.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-16, 18:38 PM

I'd like to jump in here again and agree with a lot of what's been said.


Mark has been extremely courteous and I believe as helpful as he can be in this situation. It's not his fault that ICS isn't available for the K1 as of yet, and he's been very good about reaching out. I think we need to work with and support Mark to get the message out.


Lenovo- your lack of answers and action are unacceptable. They are negatively impacting what has been an otherwise positive experience and will likely lead to other vendors getting my business in the future.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-17, 14:21 PM
Hi Lenovo,

If you have no resources to build good tablet, then walk away from this market. Please don't roll out half baked product like the K1! I also bought K1 because of ICS promise. Now what?

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-17, 14:57 PM
Has anyone considered a class action law suit?

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-17, 16:36 PM

Here's the link for the Html "splitter" with the "Upgrade to Android 4.0 Available":




It is from Google cache, so it might be updated soon.


Current page from the CA/EN website:




I know it is not a screenshot but people knowing a little bit of HTML knows what it is.


You can see it the way it was on 22 feb 2012:


Link to picture


Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-17, 17:33 PM

I'm NOT advocating for Lenovo - you can see from my past posts that I am no longer a fan of their products - but I don't feel the removal of the information constitutes a reneg of their commitment to an upgrade.


The verbiage of this page (as well as similar pages where the info was removed) states "upgrade to Android 4.0 available."  As it is not available (at this time) it IS a misrepresentation, but only because it is not available AS YET.  The verbiage may have been removed for that reason alone, and not that it won't be available in the future/few months.


I know some have been told by CS that it will not be getting the update, but we all know how well informed and capable they are...


That still doesn't excuse the lack of communication otherwise, of course


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-19, 22:53 PM

Hi Walter,


I understand what you are saying regarding them taking down the ICS reference because they haven't YET released ICS.


But if you look at one of the previous posts (page 9) - the Lenovo Mexico site mentions ICS availability in May 2012

however, I have just visited their page today - http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/mxweb/LenovoPortal/es_MX/special-offers.workflow:ShowPromo?LandingPage=/All/common/features/IdeaPad/K1#top


I don't speak/read Spanish but now there is NO reference to ICS ....


I am having major issues with the table - my internal/external SD card not showing up on my laptop anymore when I connect via USB cable, the browser crashing randomly, slowness, etc - I think I am left with NO choice but to go to ICS Alpha with CM9!!


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-19, 23:09 PM

I already did, then flashed back because the headphone jack doesn't work, among other things.


I'll probably go back to CM9 when more stuff is fixed.

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