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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-24, 17:35 PM

I purchased the K1 under the advise of a Lenovo rep where I work. I read numerous  reviews and  was told it was ICS upgradeable. After waiting and waiting for an update I found this forum a few weeks ago. With no real answer on this 

site I decided to call Lenovo customer service. Let's just say I needed a drink after the experience. I was transferred 4

 times. At first I was connected to strictly hardware customer service line, then to another hardware line, then  finally to

 software customer service. When I stated all I wanted was for a simple question to be answered about ICS update I 

was transferred to a supervisor. After 40 minutes on hold I was told to contact the store I purchased the K1 from for this

information. When I said that makes no sense I was put on hold and then told to contact Google since it was there

software. I explained I was a computer technician and this had nothing to do with the retail store or android. After

 being put on hold again I was told since it did not come with ICS then it will not be able to upgrade. When I asked 

where he got this sudden info and to speak to this supervisors supervisor I was disconnected from the call. Didn't 

have the patience to callback even though I had a reference #. I also ran into the Lenovo rep at work a few days ago

 and he said he had no idea now about the upgrade but would let me know. Crappy customer service with ridiculous

 answers to basic questions about their product. From my experience I would say there is little chance this is going to get ICS. 


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-24, 18:26 PM
I was down to choice between K1 and Toshiba Thrive. I went K1 for Lenovo name. Toshiba announced ICS a couple of weeks ago. I personally can live with some faults of K1 like bad GPS, but come on, this thing is 3 months old, it needs ICS.

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 19:58 PM

Everyone relax and consider some FACTS !


#1 ICS has been very slow to roll out on NEW officially supported devices, let alone older ones which were promised updates.


#2 For example I own a Nexsus S 4g which was a Google flagship device running AOSP which came out just  last year, hence one would think it would get the update before most others and it has not happened yet even though we are still being told it will and  the evidence says it's happening soon.


#3 Consider Android has become a segmented mess and Google has said they are committed to fixing this and ICS is supposed to be the solution to do so, it has simply taken longer than most expected to have the bugs worked out and become a fully viable solution to challenge iOS on all grounds.


#4 It may be frustrating, yet it is evidence that Google and thier partners are for real about this goal of making a single solution OS for all their devices


One can only infer from all this that Google and it's partners have slowed the deployment of ICS on officially supported devices and OTA updates in order to perfect their product before it becomes widespread in the market. This is quite the opposite fromt the original versions of Android and IMHO this is a very good thing indeed. Have faith my friends it will happen, Lenovo has much at steak as they have been a player in the tablet market making PC Tablets long before Android was a blip on the radar.


One last 3 cents from me, I have owned a few Android tablets, rom a Coby Kyros and a Viewsonic G Tab to this Ideapad K1 which is by far the best of the three and the company (Lenovo) has been by far the best customer support.


Coby was ok but did upgrade their OS on that tablet but one or two times, Viewsonic was terrible as they had a 3rd party handling the G Tab and it was nearly impossible to get someone on the phone, when I did after 3 days it was some guys cellphone who I was told was their developer ont he project and he could not explain why their OTA servers never seemed to work. Consider Viewsonic has updated their original firmware on the G Tab which came out in 2010 about the same ammount of times Lenovo has our Ideapads in which came out over a year later and to boot my G Tab cost $500 when new and still officially runs Android 2.2 !


Needless to say Lenovo has so far been a bit frustrating as things have not happened as quick as I would like, but the hardware is fantastic and Lenovo has been continually moving in the right direction.


 Thanks to all who have helped the Android faithful and our Ideapad's !!!!




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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 20:42 PM

Best customer support, you say?  Have you tried getting a USB host cable for your K1?


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 20:51 PM

How much further development or support will Lenovo provide on a discontinued item?  Probably even less than they are currently providing!!!


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 22:19 PM



I'm guessing you didn't read the entire thread. If you had, you would have seen that our primary beef with Lenovo is that they will not even tell us if ICS is in the works for the K1, not that the K1 does not have ICS yet.


As for points #1, #2 and part of #3:


You say that a new operating system upgrade takes time to roll out. True enough. However, CyanogenMod 9 has been ported to the K1 by 2 developers in 2 months.


Shall we analyze the facts here?


1. IdeaPad K1, a tablet that has been out for approx. 4 months (Somebody correct me if i'm wrong).


2. Developers "khanning" and "krook-1" -- a 2-man team -- have managed to port Android 4.0.3 to the K1 in approx. 2 months. These developers have limited time to commit to the project and are working out of their own pocket.


3. Lenovo, a multi-million dollar computer corporation, has not even released a statement as to whether or not they will even CONSIDER porting Android 4.0.3 to THEIR product.


I think we have ample cause to be frustrated with Lenovo. 


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 22:28 PM

Looks like someone doesn't want to use his real account to post this kind of stuff.


The FACT is that many users has bought the K1 after thay read that ICS was AVAILABLE. That's what we call a lie.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-26, 22:28 PM

Add to that:


They use a proprietary connector to pass charging voltage and all USB signals.  Everyone hear knows the issue regarding the USB host cable - ie. there still isn't one despite it having been included in some euro sales, and its existence being touted in the user manual.


You better not lose your USB data cable, and hope nothing goes wrong with the one that came with the unit as you can't get it from Lenovo - even as a replacement/warranty replacement.


It's inexcusable to use a proprietary connector then not even sell the accessories that depend on that connection.  If you're not going to sell the accessory, don't use a propretary connector so people can use aftermarket/generics.


In fact, it looks like sellers on Ebay are beating Lenovo to the punch on their own accessories (USB data cable may be available from an HK seller), but I have not heard of anyone actually ordering one to make sure it works/the connector is actually the correct one.  Many sellers on Ebay end up shipping items that don't quite meet the description - let alone the pictures.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-28, 6:01 AM



I think we'll finaly get ICS for our tablets. The question is - when?

From Lenovo blog:

"...it’s worth noting that we are committed to making other Lenovo tablets “future-proof” by supporting newer releases of the Android OS. We are always assessing and refining upgrade paths for our tablet portfolio. Which is our way of saying users of our other tablets should stay tuned."




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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-03-28, 6:42 AM
Committed is not an ironclad guarantee that ics will be available
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