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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-19, 16:11 PM
Durante mi estadia en este foro, he visto como la gente de Lenovo se disculpa y dice o promete que si va a haber una actualizacion al ICS, pero en verdad no he visto la minima muestra de que esto sera realidad, es increible que siendo lenovo una empresa super reconocida (una de las razones por la que compre la tablet) no pueda hacer lo que tres chicos en algunos sitios para tablets com mucho mayores limitaciones, es una pena, en vergonzoso para ellos no para nosotros que simplemente no cumplan con lo ofrecido, para mi el ICS no es tan importante como el sentir que me han engañado, casi robado, por que la principal razon para comprar esta tablet fue la promesa de que se podria actualizar a ICS y mas aun que esto se realizaria en corto plazo de ahi mi molestia, que nos den fecha, ja y para que solo para que no cumplan el plazo.

During my stay at this forum, I have seen people from Lenovo apologizes and says or promises that if you have an update to ICS, but really have not seen the slightest sign that this will be reality, is incredible that while lenovo recognized a super company (one of the reasons I buy the tablet) can not do what three guys in some places much higher for tablets com limitations, it is a pity, in embarrassing for them not for us simply do not comply with offered, to my ICS is not as important as the feeling that I've been cheated, almost stolen, that the main reason to buy this tablet was the promise that they could upgrade to ICS and even more that this would be carried out in short term Hence my discomfort, give us time, ha and only for not meeting the deadline..

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-19, 16:40 PM

aleafonthewind wrote:
The correct term is "port". Lenovo is porting ICS to the K1. And I will also remind you that the ICS ROM you currently run was ported by two people.
Two people.
Not a multi-billion dollar computer corporation.


Who told you there're many more working on it on Lenovo side? ;o) Not that it really needs many more people, given that Lenovo is comfortable with this little project taking 6+months and slipping original deadlines multiple times. I bet there're 3 developers and 2 part time testers max.



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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-19, 17:41 PM
Precisely. With the resources Lenny has at his disposal...ah well.

And you're probably right about the amount of people working on this...

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-19, 17:56 PM
Hey Mark! How's it going man? Any word on this week for release? Roll with the punches man! This board is the same as every other board dedicated to devices waiting for ICS. HTC, Samsung, etc. Everyone is impatient and just want their fix, don't take it personal.

I appreciate you going through the corporate crap to answer our questions/demands!

Hope to hear from you!

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-19, 22:01 PM
Mark, would it be possible for Lenovo to release ICS Kernel Source around the same time as the update comes out? In my opinion it would be a good PR move for Lenovo to release ICS Kernel source as soon as possible. I know it would make devs and users like myself very grateful and there is really no reason not to release it. Manufacturers like Samsung have started releasing source before devices even launch, or most recently they released it a day after ICS update for my Galaxy S2.

Been following this thread since about page 3, but never got around to posting until now. I have to say all this arguing is pathetic. Lenovo is definitely not obligated to provide an ICS update. They sold you a tablet which was described as having Android 3.0 Honeycomb. BUT once they announced an upgrade to 4.0 they became liable. Perhaps not in a legal sense, but in the sense of customer backlash from announcing an update and then cancelling it. (Which they could still do, but I highly doubt it.)

Remember people most devices outside of a few phones and tablets have not received ICS yet, and I'm talking about those that were promised to be updated.

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-20, 1:08 AM

It is my understanding that according to the GPL for Android, the source code is supposed to be made publicly available as part of the agreement.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-20, 1:41 AM


It is my understanding that according to the GPL for Android, the source code is supposed to be made publicly available as part of the agreement.

Android IS NOT GPL... It is Apache Licensed and is NOT required to be released with source."


...... "the majority of the Android software is licensed with Apache 2.0"


The KERNEL (Linux Kernel) is GPLv2 Licensed. Not Android.


...... "Linux kernel patches are under the GPLv2 license with system exceptions, which can be found on kernel.org."



We are sometimes asked why Apache Software License 2.0 is the preferred license for Android. For userspace (that is, non-kernel) software, we do in fact prefer ASL2.0 (and similar licenses like BSD, MIT, etc.) over other licenses such as LGPL.


Android is about freedom and choice. The purpose of Android is promote openness in the mobile world, but we don't believe it's possible to predict or dictate all the uses to which people will want to put our software. So, while we encourage everyone to make devices that are open and modifiable, we don't believe it is our place to force them to do so. Using LGPL libraries would often force them to do so.



For the full article/agreement see, the source,  here:




So, by reading that page, I came to the conclusion that Android is licensed by the ASL License whenever and wherever possible. Some parts may or may not be GPL. The Kernel is held under GPL because it belongs to Linus, not Google and has been placed under GPL from the Original programmer.


Under the ASL, it allows the manufacturers the OPTION to release source or not. But, when it comes to Kernel Source, it becomes tricky due to the fact that it does include some proprietary code (IE:Drivers for manufacturer specific hardware).


Obviously when it comes to legal mumbo-jumbo, they like to word things that make it difficult to see what they are clearly saying. That's their way of making court proceedings go in their favor. So, if anyone has anything to add or correct me on this, I hope that I was able to clear a few things up for some.




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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-20, 2:20 AM

So they don't have a definate date for the ICS release correct?


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-20, 5:12 AM
No, they do not. The date originally given was June 15th, but Mark said that the need a bit more time to put together a support page and smooth out an issue or two they discovered while testing it. I believe the date of the 15th was an estimate, because he did say mid-June before giving out that exact date, probably just to pacify people who wanted an exact day to expect it.

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-06-20, 7:58 AM

Just to even things up in this discussion


Here's a big thanks to Mark and the team at Lenovo. I know you are all working hard to release ICS for the K1.


Hang in their guys. You wont have to put up with the whinging and complaining much longer. 


I happily check back here each day knowing that sooner rather than later we will all receive some ICS goodness. 


Keep up the good work!



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