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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-21, 17:46 PM

There are also about 500 posts of people saying "stop the whining" and "have patience" so I think you all are even! Considering that this forum is for users I think people have the right to voice their thoughts. It is ridiculous that this is taking so long. Just don't expect ICS and you won't be disappointed!  Thanks lenovo for making me think so negative about this! The people that spam with that crap are just as bad as the people complaining so it really doesn't matter. :smileyvery-happy:


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-21, 18:10 PM



Thanks for your comments - they don't come across as those of a "nay sayer" :-).


You're right, I was incorrect in thinking that the Lifetab P9516 was the exact same hardware as the K1 - I came
to this conclusion after reading someone report on XDA Developers that they had successfully booted a Lifetab Ho
neycomb ROM on the K1. In the meantime, I spoke to Khanning, who informed me of the differences between the K1 a
nd Lifetab (different camera, slightly different kernel configs etc).


I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought you specifically didn't believe that the Market/Play issue wa
s what was holding things up, and I apologise if that is how it appeared - my intention was to reply to those complaining/making accusations about Lenovo's developers. As a ROM developer, the lack of appreciation by some people of the amount of work it takes to produce a fully working ROM grated on me a little, and I appreciate that my tone was probably sharp in some of my comments.


Regarding the badge I have on the left of my posts, I have been able to add this since I was upgraded from a normal forum user to a "Guru" - being a Guru doesn't allow me access to any particular inside information, but is more a recognition of contributions already made (my contribution has mainly been development work on the A1 tablet though, rather than the K1). In general, those with badges are either Gurus, Moderators, or Lenovo staff. There's a choice of 4 different styles for the badge - I only picked the one that is the same as Mark's as I found it to be the most tasteful one (apologies to other gurus, mods and staff etc).


Although I don't have any inside information, I have had a lot of correspondence with Mark in the past, when Lenovo were attempting to get the GPL sources for the A1 and the K1 right - they had to go through a few iterations of the release before they got things exactly right. The reason I bring this up is to mention that during all this correspondence, I found Mark and the other staff I corresponded with to be completely straightforward and honest - the things that they said would happen did come to fruition. In summary, based on my past experiences, if Mark/Lenovo say something is going to happen, then I personally have faith that it will happen. The K1 ICS update is obviously a little later than everyone would have liked - however, I note that when talking about release dates, Mark usually uses the phrase "We are targeting xxx for yyy date" rather than "xxx will be released on yyy" - of course, targets can be missed, and they're unlikely personally within Mark's control anyway. I believe this phrasing allows him to give out dates without having been dishonest in the event things don't happen on the date given.


I'd be happy to elaborate more on my history of correspondence with Lenovo in general about the A1 source, and o
ther A1 development related issues (which they've been responsive about in general), but I'd prefer to discuss in a PM or another thread, since I'm concerned that I'm bringing this thread off-topic.


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-21, 23:58 PM

The way I see it, I will be purchasing either the Nexus 7 or the Microsoft Slate tablet by the end of this year, if I can get ICS installed on my K1 then so be it, it is a great machine with tons of functionality for me. Honeycomb is a fine operating system until or if an update ever happens. Thanks Mark for any hand that you had in making progress for the K1 and ICS happen. I have owned my K1 since December and have no plans to get rid of it. 



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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-22, 3:12 AM
For erick3150, you could use a sd card from your computer to ideapad to update and tranfer files, you might not need the cable ,lets hope we get it by aug 10th

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-22, 17:02 PM

Checked in this morning to see if there's any update on the progress of ICS for the K1... but NO, and it's a Sunday; of course why I would expect Sunday to be any different from Monday thru Saturday I have no idea!  I am starting to think their "Development Team" consists of nothing more than old cardboard cutouts of David Hasselhoff from his Bay Watch days strategically placed in front of broken-down Windows 95 PCs that aren't even plugged in.  "O Yea, don't worry everybody, we've got a TEAM working on it as we speak!"  It's no wonder our planet is in such bad shape... no one can follow through on a promise to the masses anymore; it's all just double-talk and excuses!


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-22, 20:08 PM
Come to this site if you need a load of organic fertilizer. That is what it has the greatest quantity of!

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-22, 23:26 PM
Asus already announced that they're working on jelly bean for their tablets and we're still stuck on ice cream sandwich for the ideapad. I don't know why this is apparently so much harder. Step it up.

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-22, 23:31 PM

Bunch of cry babies in here. Do you think all the whining and threats of "this is my last" lenovo product will get them to bring it out sooner?


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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-23, 0:08 AM

Well JellyBean is coming for my Xoom by the end of the month :P



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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich for Ideapad K1

2012-07-23, 1:34 AM
We should be hearing news hopefully within the next couple of days.
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