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Lenovo TAB4 10 (TB-X304F) Microphone Wiring

2018-12-14, 21:50 PM

I am trying to connect a wired headset (earphones and microphone) to my Lenovo TAB4 10 (TB-X304F).  Lenovo support does not know or won't give out the infomration about the correct wiring for the audio jack. I am using the headset with the CSipSimple VoIP application and the Google Play music application.

When I test the ground connection using a multimeter, the ground is wired to the Sleeve/Body of the jack.  I'm using the USB connector ground pin and shield as a reference.  So far as I can tell, the jack is wired according to the OMTP standard, with connections going from tip to body of Tip-Left, Ring-Right, Ring-Mic, Sleeve-Ground.  To be compatible with a typical headset for an Android device that should require an OMTP to CTIA adapter.

If I connect a CTIA headset using an OMTP to CTIA adapter, the microphone will work for a short while, and so will the headphones.  After many seconds, the headphone audio suddenly drops in volume and the audio from the microphone (heard by the other party on a call) changes to a motorboating feedback sound.  Controls on the headset work.  Forward and back buttons work, and the call/hangup button works.

Strangely I get nearly the same results without the OMTP to CTIA adapter, except that the microphone never seems to work, and immediately goes to motorboting feedback or the internal microphone stays active.  I'm wondering if there is some kind of automatic selection between OMTP and CTIA built into the audio circuitry.  I can find very few settings for the audio, mainly an equalizer.

Lenovo has been no help in either finding out the wiring, standard (OMTP, CTIA, etc.), or what headsets are compatible with the tablet.  I have searched for information in the Lenovo documentation, and on the Qualcomm site.  Unfortunately Qualcomm will not give out technical information to consumers.

Cany anyone confirm if they have gotten a microphone or headset (with microphone) to work with the TAB 4 10 Tablet?  What headsets work?  Does anyone know the wiring or wiring standard used for the audio jack on that tablet?  I have just about given up using the audio jack for anything except headphone audio out.

Any help on the hardware or Android software to configure audio will be appreciated.  I will also be glad to pass on any information that I do find out.


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Re: Lenovo TAB4 10 (TB-X304F) Microphone Wiring

2018-12-15, 14:34 PM

Assuming the same jack on my Tab4 8, this piqued curiosity since I'd assumed headsets are generically compatible and interchangeable - you seem to have some sophisticated awareness they aren't - Google found this:




The article indicates adapters don't always work.  I'll just say my two Sony over ear and Panasonic earplugs, and some older off-the-shelf spares all work fine with the Lenovo, as well as ZTE and Acer Android, Lenovo dual boot Windows and Linux PC and a Yamaha living room sound system (requring a 1/4" adapter).  Don't own any Apple stuff.

Lenovo Tab4 8 - TB-8504F (ZA2B0009US) - Oreo 8.1; Moto Z3 Play - XT1929-4 GSM - Pie 9.0

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Re:Lenovo TAB4 10 (TB-X304F) Microphone Wiring

2020-04-07, 15:25 PM

I recently tried to use my TAB4 10 to use just a plain headphone, and had hoped to use the built in microphone.

To my surprised, it didn't work. (it does to an extend)


The sound recording app it came with was able to record through the built-in microphone.

Other apps (Zoom, MS Teams) wouldn't.


I would have to unplug the headphone before those apps are able to hear from the built-in microphone.


I tried using headset as well with microphone, but they didn't work as well, and behaved same as headphone with no microphone.


I can't find if there were any "sound device" settings, like in windows so I can pick the default microphone, so I'm out of ideas.

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