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Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 new charger

2016-08-30, 18:00 PM



I've had quite an adbenture this past 2 days. My niece has made my original charger vanish and now i have no way to charge my brand new tablet.


I need to buy a new one, but i dont understand much of informatics, so just googled "chargers Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30" and all the results were (literally) to buy a new tablet.


Can't even find a substitute charger in the Lenovo website. What shall I do?


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Re: Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 new charger

2016-08-30, 22:07 PM

These are very common wall chargers. You do not need a Lenovo charger. Any 2.1 Amp / 5 Volt Micro USB Wall Charger will work.


You can find a wall charger at any big box electronics store, on eBay, a computer repair store or from Amazon.com, even hardware stores offer plug adapter over covers with USB output plugs. Or do you have online used items website where you could ask? Your device charges via USB Micro plug & would need to be 1.5-2.1 amps 5 at Volts, the higher amps the faster it will charge. I could not find the exact amperage of your charger, but I'd guess 2.1 amps for a 7,000 mah battery. Either way, higher amps won't hurt it. ANY USB output power adapter will work that outputs 2.1 Amps @ 5 Volts (converted from Main Power hgiher voltage).  Large USB power plug on one end & small Micro USB plug on the other end that goes into your device. Here is a link to an eBay search.




The power output of these chargers is in REALLY TINY print on the side of the wall charger, but whenever I get a new one, I use tape & write on the charger in big letters what the device power charger Amps & Volts are. And it helps find the right charger for the right device, but really, they are swappable.


In the mean time, you could use your smartphone charger to trickle charge it, but it will be slow if your charger is 500 mah which some are. Your computer USB plug is 500 mah too but it would work. You just need a cable for USB to Micro USB.


Let us know if this helps?  Maybe someone will be able to look at their wall charger & tell us what the Amps it requires at 5 Volts?

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