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My Initial Thoughts about the K1

2011-10-29, 19:25 PM

I've had my K1 since 10/19/11 (about 12 days), and I thought I'd outline some of the things I like, some things I don't like, and some things I'm hoping for in the future, for those thinking about buying a K1.



1. I'm using my K1 to shoot youtube video blogs, and the K1 is the only tablet to offer 16x9 aspect on the front facing camera. Xoom, Thrive, Transformer, Iconia, and GT 10.1 (and 8.9) all only offer 4x3 using the front-facing camera. The K1's 16x9 is very cool, and is currently keeping me from returning it for a different brand.

2. I have the black backed K1, and LOVE the rubberized grip.

3. I love the ability to close apps with the red X button.

4. I like the physical home button (mostly).

5. I like the bigger bezel (mostly).



1. I'm not at all thrilled with the quality of the screen. Looks quite good dead-on, but viewing angle is very poor. There is also what I call the screen-door affect (similar to DLP TVs), particularly on white backgrounds. Shame that Lenovo didn't opt for a better (IPS) screen. Colors do seem a bit washed out...particularly reds.

2. SD card slot is terrible. Not merely having to use a paperclip to open the door, but inserting and particularly removing the SD card is near impossible. Not sure what they were thinking. To be honest though, I'm not sure how hard it is to remove a card on any of the other tablets.

3. Position of the power, volume and the rotation lock buttons - I mainly hold the K1 in landscape, and the palms of my hands often depress those buttons unintentionally. The rotation lock is pointy and digs into my palm. IMHO, placing these on top would have been much better.

4. The flexing of the back panel kinda bothers me, Seems odd that they didn't make it more solid feeling.

5. The K1 truly is a bit heavier than I'd like for a tablet.

6. I haven't used any other android tablets to compare, but youtube videos load slower and play back pretty choppy...particularly compared to my 18 month old Nexus One phone which is great...very strange...

7. Minor, but sure would have been nicer if it was easier to tell which side of the charger is "up" They put a tiny symbol that is nearly impossible to tell my feel (or sight). I may have to put a dot of paint on the correct side.

8. Lenovo app store constantly notifies me of apps to upgrade that I don't even have installed. I should be able to disable those notifications (and/or) the Lenovo App Store completely.



1. Ability to wake the screen with the physical home button.

2. A setting to allow us to totally disable the physical home button.

3. Some settings to allow us to disable the up/down swiping of the physical home button. It is far too easy to swipe it unintentionally when holding the K1 in landscape.

4. Would love a setting to disable/enable the carousel app soft button. I really won't use it, and it is too close to the space bar on the soft keyboard.

5. Sure wish Lenovo had altered the blue time/wifi/battery display to match the white font of the home/back/open apps.

6. Would like one-screen "settings" pop-up when touching the time (like Samsung has). Seems silly to have it nested. Also move "Settings" above "Bluetooth"...and give us an option of what to display or not on that pop-up.



Well, that's it for now. There's a lot to like, and some things to dislike, but it's very hard to find a device that is all things to all people.


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Re: My Initial Thoughts about the K1

2011-10-30, 4:57 AM
One note about con#6. There seem to be a bug with honeycomb if the DHCP lease is forever then it will keep trying to renew its lease, which causes short drops. If you change the DHCP lease time on your wireless router to anything other than forever then it should fix the problem with YouTube. Great review by the way, totally agree on the screen. I was playing the movie cars on both the k1 and my wife's iPad and lightening McQueen looks pink on my k1......

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Re: My Initial Thoughts about the K1

2011-10-30, 16:04 PM

Thinking about the camera, yours needs to get fixed, it is probably incorrectly install; pinched on install or defective. Checking out the parts photo it is just held in place by tape, sounds like a warranty job for the $320 Best Buy deal, and $320 Geek Squd, hell of a purchase deal, time they earn it.



One alternative for me, was to purchase the K1 tablet case which helps eliminate unwanted touching the side control buttons, and helps in holding/handling the tablet and also has rear camera slot cut in. The dock, or keyboard dock give a power jack type plug dongle. But you cannot dock the K1 when it is in the case, and docking it is a bit of guessing game to line K1 connector up to the dock, subsequently plugging in straight to the power cable is easier.


DIY Modifying the case, which isn’t that difficult, fixes both issues. It makes it so you do not have to remove case when docking and if cut correctly, the new slot in the case lines up and slides the K1 connector into the docking port.


Either way the “dock” does not work with USB cable, 'cause the jack type connection into the dock! or a HDMI cable - just impossible connection angle, but they do give you a right angle headphone connector dongle. The angle of the dock, angle of the camera, and headphone dongle does give a good teleconference “skype”  setup, even though headphones are a must have to reduce the speaker/ microphone reverb.


SD card slot is just hilarious.



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Re: My Initial Thoughts about the K1

2011-10-31, 15:39 PM

I am also a new user.  My impression is that finding instructions for each and every function is difficult to impossible.  I found a few instructions on the Internet, but when my tablet did not respond as it was supposed to, I was out of luck.  There was no help for troubleshooting.


It's too late now, but I regret that I did not buy a similarly priced laptop with a real operating system.  I cannot move files into the K1, nor can I find files on the micro SD that I installed.  The lack of flash support via USB is a big problem.

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