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Problems with new Lenovo Tablet TB-X704F , Lenovo Tab 4 10/Tab 4 Plus Keyboard and TouchPal Keyboard

2018-09-01, 10:21 AM

Lenovo Tab 4 10/Tab 4 Plus Keyboard And Cover
Lenovo Tab4 Plus ZA2m 10.1 64GB White
TouchPal 2016 Virtual Keyboard


I bought this at Dustin (Norway) some days ago, I and thought they should fit well together since it was Lenovos official bluetooth keyboard to be used for that tab. I post this complaint to the forum, since I have used more than one day to be able to use these product together without having serious trouble. I was very close to returning the whole package back to Dustin and regaining my money paid for it due to these problems.


An irritating issue: Why on earth coudn't Lenovo deliver a keyboard and tablet that could use the same charger? No charging cable or charger was included in the keyboard case. I managed to use the cables included to my Samsung Mobile phone, so the problem was solved. But I really expect Lenovo not to sell a bluetooth keyboard without a charger, at least when the cable and charger for the tablet could not be used.

After connecting the devices together with bluetooth. the bluetooth keyboard stopped working. It was not possible to enter any normal letters with the keyboard. Initially I thought it was a bluetooth or battery problem of the bluetooth keyboard, but that was wrong. To be able to log into various services, I had to enter my email reier.sigmond@gmail.com and everytime I did that the keyboard stopped working. What I found after a lot of trying and failing was that the @key (AltGr@) on the external keyboard did lock the keyboard (like Caps Lock), and this was the reason for not beeing able to enter normal letters like abcd (actually nothing happened on the keyboard, no special characters was viewed when typing asdfdf. To solve this problem I had to press the AltGr key down for some time, then I could start to type letters like normal. But I used more than one day until I found this solution.

But this was not the end of the keyboard problems. When I typed e.g. I like to go skiing, what was typed on the screen was I likelike toto
gogogo skiiiingngnng. Many of the letters and phrases was repeted twice. And I just did a light push on the keys, no reason for this duplication of letters. This problem was there all the time, very bad in e.g. the preinstalled Word program. The problem occured regardless of using the internal keyboard TouchPal 2016 or the external physical lenovo keyboard.

TouchPal 2016 was the original internal keyboard installed on this tablet. I had a lot of problems with it, to enable autocorrect to behave properly. In addition to the "ecco" letter problem, I could not download the Norwegian language pack because I could not download the configuration from the network. And yes, of cause I was online using Wifi.   Once again my first thought was just to return the whole **bleep**ty package back to Dustin and get my money back. 

At some point I installed the Swiftkey keyboard instead. And guess what: After some configuration all my problems disappered. The problem with Alt Gr@ disappered on the external Lenovo keyboard as well, the problem with the eccoing letters was gone, and it was easy to set up Norwegian keyboard. TouchPal is also to some extent advertisement based, very bad to get commercials just typing on the keyboard.

But Lenovo: Why initially deliver the tablet with the useless TouchPal keyboard? Why on earth did not your engineers check how this keyboard and the official Lenovo tablet 4 10  keyboard was working together. It did not work well together at all... I was just about to return the whole package when I discovered this.


Other stuff I do not like about this  tablet: The display is very accurate and with excellent colors. But on a sunny day I can see my own face in the unwanted tablet "mirror". I also would like the keyboad and tablet to be better attached to each other. The keyboard and tablet need to be on a flat surface to be usable. I have an old cheap Samsung tablet (not usable any more), but the tablet was connected physically to the tablet without bluetooth. A must better solution. But all this I was aware of when buying the tablet, so OK. 

Things I like about this tablet. Enough RAM 4Gb and disk space 64Gb  and I got a cheap deal at Dustin. The tablet and keyboard looks nice and modern. The performance is good enough for my use, and much faster than my old Samsung tablet.


best regards from Hans Reier Sigmond, Moelv Norway.


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