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[REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2011-09-16, 18:57 PM

Hi, last two weeks ago I was brought a K1 from Singapore IT Fair @ Suntec City. It come with original firmware build 725 SG version and it generate a lot of problem to me.


1. Random reboot very unstable 4 ~ 5 times per day!


2. Can't wake up from sleep mode, it show black screen at all and the Home button two LED light up.


3. The LED Screen will bright up from sleep after a moment and it will never turn off the screen again unleast you touch the power button...


4. Use a lot of battery power even in sleep mode... I was managed to turn off wifi and left it in sleep mode overnight, the next day the pad totally left 3% battery power and unable to boot up...


After one week, I was received the firmware update notification, it push the firmware to K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG version. I was think about Lenovo Software Development team have release a bug free firmware to resolve this kind of problem... but after upgraded the latest firmware, it was generated more problem to me.


The new problem was found here...


1. Random system reboot... (Still got this problem but least happen {1 time reboot per day} after firmware updated to build 110822_SG, I was confirmed it's not apps compatibility problem, even use the Youtube to play online stream video, the system screen also black up and reboot...)


2. Can't wake up from sleep mode! OMG, still got this problem... I was tried to change to AWD Launcher EX to reduce this case happen, and the pad running more smooth than stock launcher.


3. After upgrade firmware, It prompt up a lot of apps error! I was do factory reset, and all back to normal. But it also prompt up error message at home screen. I was suspect internal service error because after firmware upgrading, I can't sync my browser bookmark with Google Chrome account... And the google calander sync also not working anymore... (Bookmark and Calander won't sync!)


4. Battery power fast finish and the pad will generate heat even sleep mode! (Suspect wifi problem, even at sleep never automatic turn off)


5. The LED Screen will bright up from sleep after a moment and it will never turn off the screen again unleast you touch the power button... (Problem with stock launcher, replace with AWD launcher EX resloved)


6. After firmware upgrade, Wifi signal become weak... (Suspect driver problem, and I hear that got a lot of bug at wifi driver!)




OMG... What a buggy tablet pad??? I brought it bring to work, now nothing can do... Just leave it at home... everyday I have check with system update, and I never receive new system firmware since last week build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG. I was disappointed about Lenovo Software Development team can't resolve the problem in short time when problem found... Most the bad thing is consumer can't get the good after-sell product support... Hopefully Lenovo Software Development team able to release the new firmware and resolve the problem. Thank...



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Re: [REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2011-09-19, 3:40 AM
add on - clipping sound
video clip that I'm able to playback nicely on previous ROM, FAILED to playback a good audio quality on this 22 ROM.

reason by K1 because of the audio quality.... now... start to ..... emmm.... feel make a worn decision...

hopefully miracle happen.... all above issues reported by Jian_yi plus my issue able to fix on coming new ROM...

pray hard...

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Re: [REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2011-09-21, 7:38 AM
hey all,

thank you for the information.

i have passed this to the engineers for them to check.

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Re: [REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2012-03-24, 13:30 PM
I agree. This tablet is extremely unstable. Paticularly the browser. Keeps crashing on cbssports site when trying to open ncaa brackets. Why sell a tablet that cant even serf the web? I had similar issues to those above too. And my ear phones no longer work. Should have bought an apple or kindle.

Btw, for original poster. I found in you turn off the auto brightness and use manual only you wont get the black screen of death. At least then you can use this expensive paperweight. Good luck.

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Re: [REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2012-03-24, 14:51 PM

I feel sorry for you guys,


The only time I had a problem unlocking the tablet was the first day I had the K1, right after the initial update.


I don't know why, people who bought the tablet here in Canada doesn't seem to have all the problems and instability issue all you guys are talking about. (Read reviews from FutureShop.ca and BestBuy.ca). Hope Lenovo can find why the tablets from here are running fine (at least those from BestBuy Canada and FutureShop) and those from around the world are having instability issue.


Regarding the sound clipping issue, is it only happening when the K1 has the screen off ? If so, it is more a problem with Android power management. The CPU sleeps when the screen is off. There's apps that can prevent the CPU to sleep when the screen is off.


The only concern I have with the K1 is how long will Lenovo support it. Hope Lenovo will release ICS on K1 and brings new accessories on the table so we see updates/service/support for some times.


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Re: [REPORT/HELP] ideapad K1 build K1_A301_02_02_110822_SG a lot problem...

2012-03-24, 18:58 PM
Up until now the browser crashes like 3x in an hour lol
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