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Tab 4 8 plus Tips on how to save battery power

2018-11-11, 16:00 PM

 Hey guys


I know its prob be asked before, but does anyone know all the good ways on saving battery? mine goes down so fast i have to charge it every other day. I turned off background refresh, turned brightness down, turned screen to sleep real quick etc


I mostly use my  tab for social media, shopping and spotify.


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Re: Tab 4 8 plus Tips on how to save battery power

2018-11-12, 14:11 PM

Generic, not specific to your model.  You appear to know that usually the screen is the biggest power drain, but there are a few other things to check. 




1.  For screen, I set a short time out, minimize brightness, disable the "automatic" screen adjuster, and use Keepscreen (there are others) to specifically keep lit the apps I want lit when theyre active.

2.  Hibernation:  I use Greenify to hibernate all apps except a very few system basics as soon as the tablet goes to sleep, or by long pressing the "Home" button to punch its lights out.

3.  Hog apps:  Check Settings / Battery to review the largest app drains on the battery.  I don't use social media, but Facebook is a famous hog, and others can be.  They can be hibernated with Greenify if you can live without notifications.  You can also experiment accessing the website  in your favorite browser instead of installing the app  - many are only one-trick browsers with constant background processes using battery.  I've also found most major news source apps, like BBC or Canada's CBC are constant big drains, and have excellent websites with no app other than a browser - website URLs can even be placed on the homescreen for quick launching.

4.  Wipe System Cache:  especially following installation of a major Android system update, but even on first out of the box activation, there is probably a gigantic cache of useless muck that causes background system activity, which can be safely wiped without affecting Android system or app configuration.   One tip off this is a problem is a huge "Tablet Idle" reading in the settings check for Battery, but I wipe the system cache routinely every few months.  (For safety you'll want to be sure important data is backed up, but that 's true 24/7 anyway):





Lenovo Tab4 8 - TB-8504F (ZA2B0009US) - Oreo 8.1; Moto Z3 Play - XT1929-4 GSM - Pie 9.0

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Re: Tab 4 8 plus Tips on how to save battery power

2018-11-13, 5:10 AM

Yup, try greenify. 

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