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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-03, 0:08 AM

I just got the m10 FHD plus (tp-x606f) build number tb-606fa_s300040_201028_bmp.

Ring doorbell app has no notification.


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-03, 15:22 PM

TB-X606F   TB-X606F_S300130_210122_BMP   No Notifications at all for the most part.  Gmail.  Youtube, Google News and that is pretty much it.  Really how hard is this to fix if it worked with Android 9 like many said it did.  Just let us roll back to Android 9 if we want to problem solved.  


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-03, 17:06 PM


I started this thread and I hoped to close it. Unfortunately NOT YET! 

After last system update a lot is better. I've got notifications from Messenger and Outlook (for me it's much better than Gmail).  I don't know if Skype is working. 

But notifications from less common apks are still missing and what is most annoying widgets are NOT REFRESHING itself at all.

So there is some progress (I admit it's much better now) but the work IS NOT FINISHED! What should be fix now - are not refreshing widgets.

I'm afraid that Lenovo won't give support to this tablet at all soon. 


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-03, 20:22 PM

I just purchased two of these tablets - one of them has no issues showing notifications.  The other one will only show notifications for Google-related apps successfully.  Outlook and Facebook will not show ANY notifications.  Pulse SMS is showing me notifications and Messenger seems to be working now - I had to play with battery optimization, duraspeed, and other items in the settings in order to even get this level of notifications, which is FAR from enough.  I do not understand how this tablet continues to keep my notifications silent, in opposition to all of the settings I have chosen, and while the 2nd tablet works just fine.


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-03, 20:50 PM

@Ala_Lenovo please update us.


TB-X606X_USR_S300114_2101100011_V9.56_BMP_ROW here.



- no notifications besides G Apps

- apps are killed in background very fast (these 4GB of RAM are now useless and I'm angry because that was the reason why I bought this version over 2GB/3GB one - to keep background apps longer)

- still Widevine L3 support only - why some of these devices are supporting L1 and some not?


It seems other things are working properly.




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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-04, 9:23 AM


As others have said, there still appears to be something about how Lenovo’s Mediatek P22T chipset tablets handle Android 10 that is markedly different to how other devices behave.


A clear example, that should be easy for anyone to replicate, is how the M10 FHD Plus handles the “Today Weather” app > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.lockdown.weather


In Today Weather’s Settings, under Notifications there is the option to turn on an ongoing notification. This notification, once enabled, cannot be dismissed by the user. However, if the user (or the system) removes “Today Weather” from recent apps on the M10 FHD Plus, this ongoing notification disappears. This does not happen on other Android 10 devices I’ve tested; such as the Tab P11 Pro, OnePlus 5T, Moto G8 Plus etc. It appears that the device is killing the process responsible for providing the ongoing notification. It is as if the user went to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Today Weather > Force Stop, instead of clearing recent apps


The reason why I’m highlighting this app is because the cause and effect is clear. Most apps don’t have an optional persistent notification, and therefore it’s not 100% clear when these apps get fully killed by the system .


@Ala_Lenovoplease pass this example on to the development team. I think it gives a clear, repeatable example of what is abnormal about how the M10 FHD Plus behaves in comparison to other Android 10 devices.




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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-04, 9:57 AM

Hi all,


Thank you for sharing all the feedback regarding the updates. Special thanks to those of you who included their current system versions in the posts :)


From your comments, I can see that there was a significant improvement after the update, but there are still some issues that were not fixed yet. I will convey your feedback to the dev team pointing out all the remaining issues.


Best regards,

Polish, Turkish & Smart Home Community Lead

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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-04, 10:58 AM

Now that I've had this tablet over a week, the only problem I really have is the notifications. This needs to be a priority in the next update. I do receive notifications on apps I recently used, but after a while I guess it kills the app too aggressively, ad others have stated, and I no longer receive notifications. I thought it was working fine for messenger and gmail, but even those stop receiving notifications if I don't use them often.



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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-04, 11:47 AM

Lenovo M10 Smart Tab FHD Plus TB-X606XA

Android 10 Firmware TB-X606XA_S300040_201028_BMP

And no push notifications after a few seconds from Apps like Pushover, IFTTT, Mi Fit, Mi Band Tools etc.

So frustrating and a bad experience as a new Lenovo and Android user. I regret my choice. 


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-04, 22:46 PM

VPN connection (L2TP + IPsec PSK) - after few minutes after connection to the server, it is alive, but no communication at all :/.

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