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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-05, 15:52 PM

So... my story. 


I had my tablet at lenovo service center for a month, since it wouldn't even open after a failed rollback.

They replace the motherboard and updated to the latest version (meh..).

now im having TB-X606F-S300130_210122_BMP.


After some tests, messenger and adguard works well now on and messeges pop up. 

AccuWeather widget does not. still gets killed when you load apps with need of ram.


I wanted to test if it happens on every store widget out of Google and tried another weather app of 4.9/5 from playstore, named "weawow"

Surprisingly this one doesn't get auto killed and work perfectly, auto refreshing every one minute.


Since im not an android developer, I want to ask.. is there any difference how a widget calls "stay alive" function at background that some other doesn't?

Please try to compare these two widget with your dev team and in sure you'll find a solution.

I can at least enjoy messenger now.



EDIT: Screen fade still not working 80% of times. that's a big problem as well.

Also SwiftKey keyboard stops and I have to go at settings to relaunch the app so, it work again. 


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-08, 7:53 AM


I'm also on TB-X606F-S300130_210122_BMP and have also experienced different behaviour with different apps. The only (non-preinstalled) apps I’ve tested that don’t get regularly killed are a few with a default persistent notification (a notification that can’t just be swiped away by the user).


An example of an app that doesn’t force close when it is removed from recent apps is Bitdefender Free > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitdefender.antivirus


However, even apps that have a (optional) persistent notification are not guaranteed to survive. An example being Today Weather > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.lockdown.weather


With Today Weather, the M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) does something that I’ve not seen on other Android devices (I’ve tested around ~8 so far), it kills the persistent notification when the app is removed from recent apps. This should not happen - it’s almost like the device thinks it has less memory then it actually has and needs to stop all “non-critical” background apps. It is as if the user forced stopped the app in settings, rather than just removed it from recent apps.


The reason why I’m mentioning apps with persistent notifications is because it’s easier to determine/notice exactly when they are killed and whether the same behaviour happens on other devices.


The issue still seems to be about certain MediaTek SOCs and Android 10 - not necessarily just something Lenovo has done. You would hope that Lenovo is (or has been) in communication with MediaTek.


As a user however, we have no way to know what to think really. Basic technical information and/or change logs summaries are not provided by Lenovo.



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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-08, 13:02 PM

I'm also on the TB-X606F-S300130_210122_BMP. I'm quite happy with the latest update as the tablet is much smoother than the older version which feel so laggy and slow even when watching youtube videos.

I mainly using the M10 Plus FHD with 2GB ram for video watching, net surfing and music playing so it's good enough for me now but 1 thing I encounter is the tablet force stop the Musicolet app after sometime of playing music so now I tried to change the setting in Apps & notifications > the apps(Musicolet) > Battery > Battery optimization > select Not OPTIMIZED. Will monitor and see will the app be force stop again.


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-08, 18:07 PM

Just here to report that the aforementioned issue with game controllers still isn't fixed on X606F_S300130_210122_BMP.


Does no one else have this issue? A minute or so in the Gamepad Tester app will confirm it. Try holding one of the face or shoulder buttons. If a button doesn't stay green while you hold it, there's a problem.




LegendOfAB wrote:



Adding on to this, it seems to PRIMARILY happen when the tablet is being held up on one of its sides, and is nearly (if not completely) eliminated when laying down flat. This has been tested with two tablets running the Android 10 update. Though it seems to happen less often to one of them compared to the other. Remember, this appears to happen over USB as well.


It's hard to even begin to think about what I can possibly do besides hope and pray Lenovo is able to provide insight into this and fix it. Even an official response that it is confirmed to actually be a tangible issue (or not) would be appreciated.



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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-10, 20:40 PM

Hello, made an account in order to post my own experience regarding the update. I found this thread while looking up solutions as I also had the notifications issue as many did.


I currently have TB-X606F_S300130_210122BMP.


When I initially downloaded the update, I saw no difference from before. No difference whatsoever, even after a soft reset. However, I saw someone mention here that they factory reset their tablet through the menu during startup. (you have to press a set of specific buttons to get to it) I decided to finally do that after the update did nothing on its own and I can now say that the tablet's notifications are all working perfectly. Below I made a list of the issues that I had that were fixed and those that weren't.


Fixed Issues: All notifications are received, not just Google app ones. I use TextNow, Twitter, Amino, and Pinterest and all are receiving notifications correctly now. Widgets were also not working before and are now also fixed.


Issues I still have: These are issues my tablet has but I didn't see anyone else have them, so perhaps they are specific to mine alone? Anyway, here they are. Tablet will not always save screenshots. Sometimes it stays stuck in "Saving screenshot", but never finishes and no screenshot is saved. The notification for that "saving" never goes away until I try to screenshot something again and if that screenshot saves correctly, only then can I wipe the notification away. The other is that very rarely when I am watching YouTube videos for a long time, the tablet will suddenly freeze and restart.


That's about it, I hope this information is helpful.


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-15, 22:09 PM


Any news about the devices that are still waiting for the update?

My device is a X606FA model, other people with this same tablet have shared their concern in this same thread and we didn't even receive an answer addressing whether we are going to get the update or not.


Does anyone know how I can contact someone higher up on the support team to express concerns about how their employees treat (and ignore) customers?


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-17, 12:33 PM

I wonder too.


Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-17, 23:29 PM

Hello guys, I am writing to you from Spain..Here we have the same problem..no notifications and the tablet is a brick..In Spain the technical support does not give a solution either .. I bought it on Saturday and I will return it..It sucks !! I did not know that lenovo work that bad .. Greetings and encouragement!


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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-18, 0:02 AM
Total bummer that it's a brand new tablet and it's a brick! What is wrong with Lenovo? My tablet isn't that great, but I don't use it as a primary device. I have a ThinkPad and that works very well. Hopefully you can get it returned and get your money back.

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Re:Don't upgrade Tab M10 FHD Plus to Android 10 - problems.

2021-03-18, 6:00 AM

My device continue rebooting for no reason when I scrolling in Instagram or OLX. Notifications work for short time after I stop using it.

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