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Paper Tape
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A1 Geocode Bug in Firmware - Solution

There is a bug in Lenovos Firmware. You cannot search for addresses in an App, when the App is using the Geocoder class (for example Geocaching Apps c:geo, Columbus, some weather widgets and many others). There are two wrong lines in framework-res.apk  

I decompiled the framework-res.apk, changed the two lines, recompiled and signed it for the A1

There are different framework-res.apk depending on your ROM (US, GR, ROW)
This files are for the 2643 ROM only – do not use it with other versions!

How to use it:
Select  the file for your ROM (US, GR or ROW) and rename it to framework-res.apk

If you have a rooted device, just copy the new framework-res.apk with the ES File Explorer (root mode, and /system should be mount as writeable! ) into /system/framework folder

Your Device will boot immediately. If not switch it off and on again.
If anything is going wrong and the device will not boot again, you can flash the original ROM from Lenovo’s FTP-Server.

If you have an unrooted device, download your ROM File from Lenovo’s FTP Server and replace the framework-res.apk in the ROM-ZIP File and flash your device with the modified ROM.

Using this files are on your own risk!

If you like to modify the framework-res.apk by yourself :
Required Tools : winzip/winrar or similar and APKTOOLS

1. Extract framework-res.apk from ROM Image

2. Decompile : apktool d framework-res.apk
3. Change the follwing lines in framework-res/res/values/strings.xml
·    <string name="config_networkLocationProvider">@null</string>
·    replace @null with
·    <string name="config_geocodeProvider">@null</string>
·    replace @null with
4. Compile : apktool b framework-res framework-res-new.apk
5. Extract resources.arsc from framework-res-new.apk and copy this file to the original framework-res.apk (with winzip/winrar).

Serial Port
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Re: A1 Geocode Bug in Firmware - Solution

At first I thought that this would solve the Geolocation issue, which is currently not functioning properly in A1 when only Wifi is selected and requires a GPS signal e.g. to check in in Foursquare and I got excited!


However, this is not what this issue fixes, and even though I did not quite understand what it fixes, I followed the procedure and copied the new file to the location mentioned.


Thank you for taking the time to work on this fix!

Paper Tape
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Re: A1 Geocode Bug in Firmware - Solution

This modification has nothing to do with GPS or do not solve any GPS issues.

It solves only the problem, that you cannot search for an address/location in Apps which are using Googles Geocode Service.





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