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A1107 - MTP USB access

I've gotten my Windows 7 PC to recognize my A1. It shows me a "removableSD card" and "USB storage" in Windows Explorer when I click on "IdeadTab_A1107". But, only some of the folders in the USB show up. Why am I not seeing the entire contents of the drive?

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Re: A1107 - MTP USB access

Quick disclaimer: I believe this info to be correct - someone else may have a more accurate answer.


The idea behind Android switching to MTP/PTP over USB mass storage for the internal storage was so that a single unified partition could be used to store all the apps, pictures, music, videos and other data - this is in contrast to the previous situation, where one partition is used for apps and the other for the rest of the data, and app storage frequently became full, preventing the installation of apps even though there was plenty of free space elsewhere on the device.


The flipside of this is that Android filters out all but media file types, because the expectation is that you wouldn't want the connected PC to be able to meddle with apps or their data that would otherwise be visible. Therefore, you can't see the entire contents of the drive in ICS.


With reference to the A1/A1107's implementation, hiding some of the files doesn't make sense because the internal storage is still on a separate partition - it would make more sense for the "internal SD card" to still be accessible over USM - however, I don't think this setting is something that can be changed by an end user.





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Re: A1107 - MTP USB access

Yeah, unfortunately the MTP leaves something to be desired, in my opinion. From what I've seen it pretty much just displays the folders that you "expect" to be there. At least this seems to be true for the google based implementation. You can makes some changes to it but it is all kind of sloppy. I gave up shortly after the update and do all of my file management over ADB (which, coming from Linux, I had been doing for the most part anyway).

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Re: A1107 - MTP USB access

In settings the A1 tells me I have 3.36gb of free space. Using explorer and MTP it claims that the removable storage is full. I would say this is definitely a bug. And I can't turn on the PTP storage. The check box won't stay. It reverts back each time.

Thankfully WiFi explorer works fine.

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