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Token Ring
Posts: 188
Registered: ‎11-08-2011
Location: United States
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Android Market

Is it possible to load the Android Market app onto the A1? I would love to have this one, but without the Market, it's only a toy.

IdeaPad A1-07
iPhone 3GS
Blue Screen Again
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎11-01-2011
Location: Sweden
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Re: Android Market



I bought my A1 in China last week, and it was not possible to load Android Market on to it. As Google say for their account which must be connected to the Android Market: '... the market app must be preinstalled...', which it is not; at least not on the Chinese A1.

So yesterday I had it rooted by a knowledgable friend and now I have Android Market working fine on it, but not Lenovo app market (which I don't miss at alll).