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Punch Card
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?


I found perhaps the explanation of the problem....try this

Close the app open in background before the standby work for me--- all nigth
Punch Card
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Do you mean close all open apps before letting it sleep? I am pretty sure I've done this before. Odd the store demo machine is four months old and it is stable with a lot of apps running.I was offered to send in my tablet to Lenevo and they claim they would replace the system board but I believe theyre guessing right now. And edo1271 tried this with no success.
Punch Card
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

I means. when uses the tablet you open ie. skype, firefox, music, ebuddy...

all this app when you click home still running on background.. i close this app before sleep also.. I lock the accelerometer I don't know if that help too


Paper Tape
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Don't know if this 100% can/will fix your wake up from sleep issue or not, but this has worked for me.  I bought a Japanese version of the K1 for my wife(I was in Japan and she is Japanese) and brought it back stateside - connected to my wifi and updated 3 times through the Settings->About Tablet->System updates->Start to check new version way on the tablet....once it rebooted for the third time I was on Android 3.2.1, Build number K1_A301_11_11_111109_JP2.  I went though and added some apps that I also use on my Tmobile 4GmyTouch Slide phone to the K1, after finishing this I was looking online for something and the K1 went to sleep, so I used the power button to turn it back on and it came to the unlock screen and then by itself the screen started going dark and faded to black - I tried again for about 5minutes with the same issue, then got mad and held the power button to restart it(this was the only solution I could find).  I finally played with some settings after it restarted and figured out that the Auto Brightness function on the tablet was causing my issue, changed it to the manual setting for Brightness and havent had a problem since.  Might work for some of you guys if your having the same issue.  That's my 2 cents.  Happy Holidays and New Year too if I don't get a chance to get back on here.



Former Employee
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Its weird how Auto Brightness are causing problem with some of you all. Do you have any type of apps which are constantly running in the background? I've been using the K1 for quite some time now and have tested with Auto Brightness but still no issues for me.

Apps installed are only GPS Test and App2SD.

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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Mine is K1_A301_11_11_111025_US. I am not using auto brightness. WiFi is also set to disconnect in sleep mode. Also tested it with no email accounts on autosync. Moved away Accuweather app from my home screen, do not use Social Touch. All the time running apps are closed before putting it in sleep mode. But still having both "wake from sleep" and "random shutdown" problems, though random shutdown occurs only in sleep mode not while I am using it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Well, just when I thought this pile of crap couldn't get any worse it did. It is now a buffalo chip. I set it down after putting it in standby and when I came back it was stuck in restart. It now does nothing but cycle through the nvidia and lenovo screens. I called tech support but the tech was a complete idiot. He also stated that since I had already eleveated my problem there was nothing he could do. Not that it matter because I don't think there is anything that can be done without sending it back to them. I let it do it till it depleted the battery hoping maybe it would fix it but it's still a huge buffalo chip. I will never buy a Lenovo product again. I am hoping I can get my money back from these morons.

Punch Card
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

I have had two seperate units - one that I had to return because of freezing, and the current one I have and the Auto-brightness is useless on both.


If I enable it, the screen goes black, I can lock and unlock, but withing about 2 seconds, it goes black again.  The only thing to do is to restart, then quickly go to brightness and turn the autobrightness off.


I have to leave on manual

Punch Card
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

I also had the rebooting problem when I left it over night or had it on standby for a few hours, but it works perfect now that I've turned OFF all the "Messages From Lenovo"  notifications. The one that was checked by default on my tablet was "discover features"

Once I turned that off, it hasn't shutdown since.


Step 1: Click on the GEAR icon on the left side of the Lenovo Launcher

Step 2: Click on Messages From Lenovo

Step 3: Uncheck any options that are checked.


Hope it works for you aswell

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Any Fix for the "Wake from Sleep" and "Random Reboot" issues?

Brand-spankin-new K1 and seeing the auto brightness problem.  We opened it for Christmas last night and it has received 2 system updates last night and another this morning; it says my system is up to date.  AFAIK, I did not have any issues until auto brightness was enabled, but I didn't check the auto bright until I had been playing with it a while so it might have been a problem with an older patch version.  It's currently 3.2.1, kernel, build K1_A301_12_12_111109_US.  I do not have any security set for unlocking the screen, it's just the default.


This morning my wife tried to wake it up using the power button, the screen came on and almost immediately faded to black.  It's almost like the device thinks the screen is on when it is not.  I pressed the power button twice (once to turn off the screen that was already off and once to turn it on again) and it faded to black again.  A power cycle fixes it until the screen times out again.  Turning *off* the auto brightness keeps it from going to black when waking the screen.  Now when I power the screen back on, it begins to fade out to black but stops at the brightness level set in the settings.


I have only installed a couple of apps but neither run in the background.  I did turn on Google Music sync and I think that runs all the time.  It appears easy to replicate and test so if you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to try them.

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