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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-26-2012
Location: INDIA
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Headphone jack problem

Hi All,


I have recently bought my tablet from US. It was working very good till past few weeks. suddenly the headphone jack stopped working, eventhough I have connected the headphone it is not displaying the symbol at the bottom right of the screen and when I play any music the sound is coming out through speaker.


Kindly help me.


Thanks in advance

Token Ring
Posts: 250
Registered: ‎12-27-2011
Location: United States
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Re: Headphone jack problem

That sounds like a hardware issue. I'd return it and get it serviced if you can.

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎12-05-2011
Location: Redding, Ca.
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Re: Headphone jack problem

My phone jack also stopped working a couple of days ago :-(...... I have used it very few times. Pretty sad hardware for a tablet 4 months old. Between this, the lack of ICS, and force closes every 10minutes, I am regretting my purchase.