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What's DOS?
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Input issues with K

I just purchased a K1 tablet (yesterday) and have been trying to get it to work all day.  I was able to install the update after several tries, and it seemed to partly resolve the main problem I was having: after several minutes the home pages would start switching uncontrollably until I shut it down by holding the power key down. Unfortunately it didn't fix everything.  The device experiences phantom input, generating untyped "random" characters when the keyboard is in use, and switches to voice input that I can't turn off.  In YouTube, the application switches from video to video on its own. These problems render the device nearly unusable.


Is anyone experiencing this? Is there a fix?  I am very close to returning this tablet. I bought it because of price and brand name, but so far my confidence in Lenovo doesn't seem warranted.

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Re: Input issues with K

From your description is sounds like that the touch screen may have a problem, I suggest you contact your local Lenovo warranty center to have a look at the unit.

What's DOS?
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Re: Input issues with K

You are probably right about the touch screen, but an item I bought new one day ago, that doesn't work out of the box, doesn't go in for service; it goes back to the store. Let them waste their time, I've already wasted enough of mine. I do appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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Re: Input issues with K

Did you do a factory reset after the update?

I don't know why any android device doesn't tell users to do it after updates.

Many random users have issues if they don't. On phones or tablets.

Sorry for your troubles. If you have not returned it, try a factory reset in the privacy settings to see if the issues are gone.
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