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Fanfold Paper
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K1 Auto brightness issue

Hi all,


I just updated to 3.2 and I'm having an issue everytime I select the auto brightness option. The Screen fades out and shuts off.  But eveytime I turn the unit back on it fades out again, and I have to shut it down and turn it back on. It's OK when I shut the auto brightness off and set it at a certain level.


Was wondering if this may be an OS issue or possibly the light sensor is not working correctly?

Paper Tape
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

I have this problem after updating to the latest Android 3.2.1 upgrade from Lenovo on K1. The  software relase build number is K1_A301_11_11_111025_US. If you have screen brightness set to auto brightness enabled and set a password on the K1, you will experience this problem. Try the tablet in a dark room, you will never be able to type your password to unlock the tablet because the screen will go dark in about a second. Now we do need to use auto brightness so that we can keep the tablet last longer per charge.


FYI, this problem does not happen with the  Android 3.1 release prior to the upgrade. I called Lenovo support and one engineer told me to call Google to fix it. I was speechless. Finally I explained that the build number shows K1_A301.... and it must be done by Lenovo and not Google which took a whole of explaining from me.


Anyhow, I was directed to come to the forum to report a bug because he can't log the bug for me and he told me this is not a high priority bug. Not sure I like that statement.


Ok, back to solving problem. My suspection is that the new upgrade was not fully tested by Lenovo QA team and they need to figure out what was changed from 3.1 to 3.2.1 related to the light senser near the corner closeer the power button. I am praying that someone intelligent will read this thread and come up with fix soon. Please help and God bless.

Punch Card
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

I am reproducing your issue on my K1 with 3.2.1. I don't use auto-brightness, because itis too sensitive (is terrible) , but even without a password set, the lock screen goes dark after about one second in a dimly lit room. It was darn near impossible to react to the unlock fast enough. I concur that this issue is one that Lenovo ought to look at asap.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

I can duplicate the same issue on my Ideapad.  Just got it today and did all the updates getting me to 3.2.1.  When Autobrightness is ENABLED, if the display times out or is manually turned off via power button, it briefly comes on (2 seconds?) then fades off.  Must reboot in order to get display back on.  Workaround is to just DISABLE autobrightness.

Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎11-28-2011
Location: Florida, USA
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

Just updated to K1_A301_12_12 and the auto brightness is STILL BROKEN
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

Confirmed!  Same here.

The K1_Was Just A Broken Promise Lenovo
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

Auto brightness was never working since K1 is in the market. It either fade in and out or hung the whole unit, or worse, restart the unit. With the option turn off, all of the problems are gone or happened less.

What's DOS?
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

Same issue here Smiley Sad Only when "auto brightness" aka "completely dark screen" is selected.
Token Ring
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

autobrightness works in my k1. A batch issue? When is your k1 manufactured?
Paper Tape
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Re: K1 Auto brightness issue

K1_A301_12_12_111109 applied this morning and Auto Brightness still has the same issue as noted above. 


Please look into this and fix it.

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