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Fanfold Paper
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[K1] System Update over wifi Issue

I wasnt sure if this had already been touched on, but when i go to check for updates it keeps telling me that I am up to date when Iknow I am not. I'm currently up to date from the manual method, but I didnt know if this was wifi related, specifically the type of wifi connection? I say this because when I'mconnected to a public hotspot (or simply anetwork with no security) it finds the updates automatically. But when I'm at homeconnected to my own hotspot (wpa2 encryption), it nevers finds an update. It will either search for a minute then say i am up to date or say it instantly. Is this somehow related to the type of wifi network I connect to when looking for updates?? Its just annoying that i cant update at home, but can when i'm connected to a public non-protected network. Than, you! Robert
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Re: [K1] System Update over wifi Issue

It is related to your network.
I had a similar issue where my K1 would hang on the "connecting" dialog. It was because I use my laptop as a hotspot so that my tablet can connect to the internet at my home (don't ask).

There was no solution, I just update when I'm on a public network (which is every weekday).

I'm presuming you have a similar setup. It looks like the K1 can only connect to the update server when it's on a normal wireless network; E.G. Internet cable --> Wireless router ---> Tablet.
Anything in between the router and the tablet makes it not able to connect to the update server.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [K1] System Update over wifi Issue

Yeah almost exact setup, I use Connectify to create the hotspot on my laptop, then connect my tab. I figured it had to be something related to my network, just not sure why Lenovo would setup the update option in such a restricted fashion. Thanks for the input though

Serial Port
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Re: [K1] System Update over wifi Issue

[ Edited ]
If I had that problem, this is what I'd do.

Make sure your router has latest firmware installed. Then, do a hard reset of router by pressing AND HOLDING reset button for about 30 seconds.

You will have to redo all your router settings. Do it like new, don't restore them from file.
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Re: [K1] System Update over wifi Issue

Put atleast a wifi password before updating. You dont want some punk remotely rebooting your router half way the update
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