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Punch Card
Posts: 46
Registered: ‎11-14-2011
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Re: K2 is announced

I think some of you are jumping to conclusions too fast. There's already another update for the K1 in the test rom section which shows that they've not abandonded it yet. Can't talk for anyone else, but my K1 works fantastic. I recently installed bubbleupnp and it's great streaming movies from my pc anywhere in my apartment. 

Punch Card
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-03-2012
Location: Canada
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Re: K2 is announced


remn wrote:


I just hope they share the same connector, that way we might get a few accessories like a USB host adapter or a SD card reader for the K1.


 Judging from this hands on from  The Verge it appears that the connector does not make the cut. This photo shows micro HDMI, micro USB and possibly a 3.5 audio and a barrel power connector?


If this is the case, it is too bad that the connector and any future products it may have brought for the K1 are gone. Butfor the product line going forward, it is probably the best option. You can now charge and have a PC data connection at the same time, possibility for USB host and I've never been a big fan of proprietary connectors.