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Language to English


I have recently got lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 as a gift from someone in China. After much difficulty i managed to change the System Language to English. However, the appstore still works only in Chinese and I'm unable to change the language to English. Could anyone help me with step by step instructions on how to change this to English.

Thank you!
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Re: Language to English

Maybe you need to change your REGIONAL / LOCATION settings, along with Time, Date, Time Zone. If your location etc. is still set as China, then wouldn't that be where it is looking for the app store? Do you know if the Chinese App Store is also availible in English?


Also after resetting your location & Time info, try clearing the devices Cached Data via: Settings>Storage>Cached Data (press Cached Data after it updates the memory info). Then Reboot.  Let us know if that helped?

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Re: Language to English

Since your tablet is from China, it's likely running Chinese firmware, which isn't fully localized.


Open the Android system settings app, at the very bottom should be an item "about the tablet", tap it, and let me know what it says for "build number" there.


If the build number ends in "PRC" (= People's Republic of China), then it's Chinese firmware.

If it ends in "ROW" (= Rest Of World), then it's the non-Chinese firmware.

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