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Launcher and Icons after Oreo Update

My Tab4 8 finally updated to Oreo a few days ago, but now I want to try a different launcher other than the default.   My tablet works just fine, but I don't want to take any chances on possibly turning it into a brick because it now chokes on a particular launcher!


1.  Has anyone had any problems with a particular launcher after their tablet updated from Nougat to Oreo? 

2.  Is the ubiquitous Nova still a good choice, or is there now a preferred one for Lenovo tablets with Oreo?  I'm interested specifically in options involving the desktop/homescreen folders I have several similar apps squirreled in.  I can now change the shape of the app icons, but the folders remain circles.


Thanks for any suggestions!



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Re: Launcher and Icons after Oreo Update

I've been using Action Launcher before and after the upgrade and everything is working just fine.

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Re: Launcher and Icons after Oreo Update

I use Nova on my Tab 4 10 and it works dandy.
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Re: Launcher and Icons after Oreo Update

This is only my first really mid-range (even if it's low-mid-range). Is that kind of launcher problem common enough to warrant the precaution? I've only ever installed 3rd party launchers when the stock is missing key functions, like an app drawer - and that's mostly been on phones.

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