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Lenovo A1 System update


I just got my Lenovo A1 in the mail. It seems to be working well. I checked to see if it had any system upgrades available and it said it did. I was does anyone know what is in this system upgrade? Is if worth it? I know on some android phones especially the ones with lesser hardware systems upgrades can cause problems. If the current kernel works fine I don't want to upgrade to a new one that will cause problems. Thanks everyone!



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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

Hello. Sorry, you're on the wrong forum. The A1 is IdeaPad, we're ThinkPad.
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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

Note: I've moved this thread to here, Ideapad Slate board

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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

My A1 popped a message up on Friday saying an update was available. I accepted the download and since then I have found it is difficult to connect to my home WiFi and when I do eventually get a connection it drops out every 10-15 seconds :-((

I have done a search and found a post relating to the problem, but that states the problem revolves around a non compatability issue with Belkin routers. I do NOT have a Belkin. My router is a Thompson.

Any suggestions? My laptop, printer and iPhone all connect fine and stay connected. 

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

[ Edited ]

tap.... Settings / Wireless & Networks / Wi-Fi Settings / Advanced (from menu button)

Now you will see  2 sections...

WI-FI sleep policy (mine is set to... WHEN SCREEN TURNS OFF)
MAC address
IP address (mine says
Use static IP (checked)
IP address (mine is set to
Gateway (mine is set to
Netmask (mine is set to
DNS 1 (mine is set to
DNS 2 (mine is left blank)


Setting up a Static IP usually resolved the repeating wifi dropout.

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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

I too am interested in this subject. Is it always advisable to update to the latest firmware even if your present system is working just fine. Is there any way to find out what changes will be made before you allow the upgrade to take place?


Or, should you just leave well enough alone unless you actually have a problem that needs fixing?



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Re: Lenovo A1 System update

Hi I was wondering, where do you find your information on the IP Address?   My wireless internet connection will comes and go and it's driving me insane.  LOL

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