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Lenovo A1 Tablet USB Charging

Hi everyone,


I just bought the A1 and I was looking into charging it with an self made external usb charger like the mintyboost.


This product says it can charge Idevices.  Which has pull up resistors on the datelines.  My concern is if I buy this product will it still charge the A1 because the design has pull up resistors to trigger 2V on the data lines D- and D+.  



1) Does anyone know if the A1 needs certain voltage on the data lines?


2) If it doesn't need any kind of sensing on the data lines and they are just floating; will plugging it into the charger that has the pull up resistors affect the product or allow it to charge?


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Lenovo A1 Tablet USB Charging

It charges through a PC USB but it does so slowly.

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo A1 Tablet USB Charging

Need to be careful. I bought an AC adapter from eBay and it took close to 24 hours to fully re-charge my A1. I have a version of the Minty (bought on eBay, fully assembled. Can be had for ~$5.00 or less.) Not sure if it works with the A1, haven't tried it yet. I did find an AC adapter the worked the same as the included charger.

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