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Re: Lenovo Mods - How about a FAQ?

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Well, tinybeetle, I was amazed to see a Lenovo employee, Mark_Lenovo,  show up in my bug reports thread.  Of course, he only half read what was there and failed to click the provided links.  Then with half a head of misinformation, he let me know I was doing things incorrectly.  He only succeeded in making himself look like an idiot.  It's all I can do to not pick up the phone and tell him that at length.



As for the Lenovo brand having something to do with quality, it's becoming increasingly clear that IBM kept the quality when they sold this division off to the Chinese.  It's not clear the A1 is any better than any other POS tablet I see when I visit the Beijing Hongqiao Market.  It could be, with half an ounce of effort on Lenovo's part.  It's becoming increasingly clear they're not at all motivated to extend themselves,though.


I feel bad for the folks in Raleigh, though.  It has to be a hard to go to work and watch a place decline.




Note from Moderator:  Employee info removed to protect their privacy per the forum rules.

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