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Missing Question Mark???

I have an E7, TB7104F Tablet.
I cannot find the question mark on the touch screen keypad. There is no question mark.

On the icon to press to go to the numbers touchpad, there is a ?123, but whn ou press that, you get the numbers and the punctuation, but there is no ? question mark.
Any clues, anybody?


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Re: Missing Question Mark???

You have a different model tablet, maybe someone else knows better.  Depending  on the keyboard being used, on some "?" has its own key and on others it is a secondary symbol that needs a "long press" to override the main letter or number.  If the basic Lenovo keyboard is a problem, you might try one of the good free keyboards in the Play Store, at least to test the "?" symbol on it - I use my own one favorite keyboard on all Android devices so don't bother with differences.


One other possibility is that the app you're typing in is set to some unusual font style or language.

Lenovo Tab4 8 - TB-8504F (ZA2B0009US) - Oreo 8.1
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Re: Missing Question Mark???

I have the same tablet. I longpressed the period key and it opened up to show the other symbols including the question mark. You may need to update your keyboard to ensure the longpress will show the hidden symbols.

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