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Posts: 73
Registered: ‎03-27-2011
Location: Massachusetts USA
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Re: New K1 owner unhappy with GPS

aeroplanino wrote:


i dont really sure what happened to ur K1, but the gps on this handheld worked properly here (without wifi, or even mobile network connection).

one thing that i do, just download gps status from the market, and install Sygic on my device.


I'm in Massachusetts, USA and based on the above poster's experience I downloaded the same two apps AND the Massachusetts map. I'm not sure what will happen when I try to use the GPS to navigate to nearby NH locations as I did not download the NH map, but I ran a couple of "demonstration routes" within Massachusetts (with wifi turned OFF) and the things seemed to work pretty well. 6yr old grandson liked watching the demo since we could speed it up to over 1000mph, and I didn't even drive off the road at cloverleaf intersections  Smiley Happy


I wonder if I can download other maps and save them to my microSD card???  Also, the app is listed as free, but I was prompted to activate it, since my "license" expired on 7 June 2012 (before I ever heard of sygic Smiley Surprised


I just clicked later in re: activation and the app seems to continue to function. I wonder if there is a paid version with more features, no ads, etc. ????

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