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Paper Tape
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No Cell Phone Service on Tab4 10 Plus

 I have modelTB-X704V  Tab4 10 Plus tablet with WiFi and LTE capabilities. It works OK with a Straight Talk SIM card to access cell tower data (after putting in the APN settings). But, I cannot find any way to make a regular phone call. I have loaded Contacts from my Google-backed up contacts, but the phone App/dialer cannot be found anywhere. Hangouts will not dial anything except GoogleVoice (which also does not work.... although it seems to attempt to do so). So, question is: Does this Tab4 10 Plus tablet actually have regular cell phone voice capabilities or does it just use the SIM card for cell phone tower data?

This is very disappointing since I bought this from B&H and wanted to use this tablet on trips etc. as both a cell phone and as a mini-computer to surf the Net.

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Re: No Cell Phone Service on Tab4 10 Plus

According to the official spec sheet that was posted on this forum a while back during the unveiling only the Chinese version should be capable of phone functionality as the versions from other regions have checkboxes in the column "LTE data" and the Chinese one in the column "LTE call" instead.
Paper Tape
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Re: No Cell Phone Service on Tab4 10 Plus

Perhaps this helps

Download the apk and install it.


Let us know if it helps!

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Re: No Cell Phone Service on Tab4 10 Plus

The app linked above looks like it's just another VOIP app & user beware. I'd research the hell out of it first before installing it.


My bet is cell data only. VERY FEW tablets offer calling via SIM card even if you install an app as linked above. More common is cell data via SIM card.


You can install & use Google Hangouts or other VOIP apps, like Whats App or Skype.


Just a case of you misunderstanding the technology. Send it back to B&H & research for the device that does what you want (won't be cheap) or keep it to do what it was designed for?

What's DOS?
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Re: No Cell Phone Service on Tab4 10 Plus

You can use Google voice to make phone calls on this tablet. you will have to set it up on you phone first and you will have to link google voive with your phone number, after that install the app and sign in and you be able to make phone calls. it will automatically import you contacts save to your google account. it will get a google voice phone number seperate from your phone's number. 

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