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Paper Tape
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Similar specifications with different performances.

Can some explain why my peasant edition Moto E5 play cellphone handles IPTV surprisingly well, while I have a Lenovo 10” TB-X103F tablet which doesn’t at all, just continuous buffering. They both have 16GB storage and I think similar Ram. The tablet is a couple of years old the phone just weeks, can anyone suggest what is wrong?


P.S.  Also someone suggested my handset though only last years model, is destined to remain at version: 8 Oreo, I know there will be no major updates this year certainly no #9 (Pie) is this a common practice similar to the fate of Tyrell's Nexus 6? 

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Re: Similar specifications with different performances.

Well, a quick google tells me the tablet only has a 1.3gHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor and 1GB of RAM, while the phone has the 1.4GHz Snapdragon 425 processor and 2GB RAM - that would explain comparative performance under video or any load.  With Android resource requirements approaching Windows 10's, and apps getting more and more bloated and demanding, I don't think any device with less than 2GB of RAM is up to snuff for much any more.   Should probably try reducing video resolution on the tablet. 


Unlike some others, I'm not automatically itchy for Android version upgrades - recent new features are not for the low-spec devices I tend to buy.  I quite like Oreo after some months with Nougat on my tablet - it's more efficiently coded, almost a full GB less storage than Nougat and more refined.  There is a point when software support for older Android dries up - only just beginning to affect my android Lollipop ZTE phone and well underway on a Jellybean Acer tablet we keep alive upstairs.  So I'm actually quite interested in the cheap Moto phones, among others.

Lenovo Tab4 8 - TB-8504F (ZA2B0009US) - Oreo 8.1

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