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Fanfold Paper
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Solution to Lenovo A7 10F WiFi Issue

Like many users, I see WiFi drops whenever the device enters sleep state. Without finding a fix, I rolled back to KitKat one year ago. I tried upgrading to Lollipop again, to check Lenovo has fixed the issue but hasn't. I scoured the web and noticed a post on Amazon, telling to reset before and after lollipop upgrade, which I tried. Now the wifi never gets lost.


The screen does not wake up, like KitKat when there is a notification though. I installed Glimpse app to do it.


TL/DR: Factory reset before and after lollipop upgrade, to permanently fix wifi issue.

Token Ring
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Re: Solution to Lenovo A7 10F WiFi Issue


 I've never had to do a factory reset on any device after an update but then, I make sure the device is prepped and ready first..

 Before doing an update, do the following:


1. Go to Settings / Storage.

2. Check you have enough free space for the update download and then allow a bit more. I normally make sure I have anywhere from 10-50% of the download size free as well.

3. Click on "cached data" and clear it.

4. Download update, install it, wait however long for device to reboot & then for it to do its optimizing,  etc. This is normally the time to go watch a film, ponder the meaning of life, sleep, etc.


I've had 100% success with this and I don't seem to suffer with all these weird and wonderful issues others seem to get.


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