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Paper Tape
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Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant help needed

I bought a Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant dock/speaker yesterday. I'm having the following issues.


1. Smart Assistant doesn't wake to voice command - I have to press the icon bottom right of screen to start it up. Surely this constant "hands on" requirement defeats the purpose of such a device? I don't know if this is intended behaviour or a fault in setup at my end.


2. After giving Alexa a question, about 30 seconds go by before a system popup says "Alexa has stopped, click to restart".  I then have to AGAIN physically click the icon bottom right of screen to get Alexa running. AGAIN surely this defeats the purpose? 


3. I was expecting that I could half waken in the mornings and ask Alexa to tell me the news, weather and play some banging wake up tunes to get me going, but Alexa won't wake the device without physical interaction (so I'm no better off than I was before with my old Yoga Tab).


4. Alexa is not recognising many of my voice commands on Smart Assistant (I don't think it's my Scottish accent, she has no trouble understanding me on my daughter's Echo). I'm starting to feel like my countrymen stuck in the voice activated lift (ELEVEN ELEVEN - FREEEEEDOMMMM - if you haven't seen it search YouTube it's hilarious).


5. The Tab is refusing to "locate" my device. I have the "high accuracy" setting on. When I click the screen widget for the built in Lenovo weather app I get a pop up saying "Prompt - Lenovo Weather strongly suggests you to use the location function to add a city." I then click the "ok" and the "locating" spinning circle starts but never progresses to anything. Just spins. I have two other Lenovo tablets in the house and neither of them has ever had a problem with location.


Is there anything I can do or should I just take it all back to the shop and look to Amazon for a Show?



Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎12-09-2015
Location: IE
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Re: Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant help needed

Updating for the benefit of anyone in future with similar issues.


I got so mad with the whole thing that I decided to do a factory reset.


So far everything seems to be working as expected (only 30 minutes ago so will update again if I'm wrong).


The difference is that when I very first set up the tablet is did two or three system updates one after the other and the reset leaves the latest system version on board.




Let your brand new tablet do all it's system updates before setting anything up, THEN factory reset, then start making your tablet your own.


Location is now working, Alexa is no longer stopping and the tablet is a lot snappier and more responsive than it was before resetting.

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