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What's DOS?
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Tab3 10.1 how to disable prox on/off

I have a Tab3 and I keep it safe in a case with a screen cover.  Then I put it in my bag.


Far too often, when I take it out of my bag, I find that the cover has relaxed slightly away from the body, and this means that the proximity sensor has turned the screen back on.  Yes, I know that after timeout it will turn off again, but if things are moving about in my bag as I move, I think this **** proximity sensor is turning my screen off and on and off and on.... and I sometimes have a v drained battery from screen use when I haven't been using it much.


I have no use for a proximity sensor.  All it seems to achieve is "automagically" turning the screen on when I open the cover, and really, I don't need this.  (As the tablet is 10" I never hold it to my face!)


How do I disable the prox screen on/off feature, or indeed, disable the proximity sensor entirely?  I can find solutions online that involve rooting the device, but I would prefer not to go down that route.

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