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Fanfold Paper
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Vibration Tab4 8 Plus

I'm facing a crazy problem with my Tab4 8 Plus since I started to use it.


the main reason I bought this tablet was to read before sleep, unfortunately I never discovered how to disable the vibration and because of that I can't have the tablet close to my room. the thing is continuously vibrating all the time for all notifications even with everything disabled on systems.


I have the tablet permanently on total silence but even so the horrible vibration never stops.


probably I'm doing something wrong but I really need help to solve this.


if it is a bug and we really can't disable the vibration, please let me know if there's any application to do that or an easy way to open the tablet and cut wires.


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Re: Vibration Tab4 8 Plus

Not knowing which Android version you have, how it's configured or what apps are vibrating, I'd suggest going into Android / Settings and use the Search box to type "vib" - should bring up a list of system items to check and toggle.  Would also go into individual app settings for those causing trouble, often apps can be adjusted, or In Android Settings / Apps you can limit Permissions for individual apps.

Lenovo Tab4 8 - TB-8504F (ZA2B0009US) - Oreo 8.1
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vibration Tab4 8 Plus

i've done all that, every single place related to vibratiton is disabled, but this thing still vibrates when i receive notifications Smiley Sad


maybe i got a defective model. i wouldn't mind to phisically cut the wires that connects to vibratin, it's a tablet, i will never need vibration on this thing.

thanks anyway for trying to help Smiley Wink

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