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Punch Card
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎01-13-2012
Location: brooklyn, ny
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adios A1.

it's not bad, really. i've had mine for 3 months, but it's on craigslist today.

has me running back to my mac (and praying harder for a 7" ipad).


just not crazy about android (at least, the OS on the A1); seems sluggish, awkward sometimes. and typing on it is not fun

(i wanted it mostly as a mobile note-taking device).


i customized it a lot, found great apps to do what i wanted. liked the aesthetic at that point.

but in the end, not for me.


i've recommended it to people, and will continue to do so; for under $200, it's a great deal.

just...not for me...


adios A1, adios forum!

Punch Card
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎11-09-2011
Location: Canada
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Re: adios A1.

Get a Playbook

You will not be disappointed.

Quality build, smooth system, great browser, and buit in email/callendar/contacts work great.

For the same price, it is twice the machine of the A1.

It will network with windows and you can just put files on it from any machine on your network.




I used to have a:
Punch Card
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎01-13-2012
Location: brooklyn, ny
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Re: adios A1.

[ Edited ]

am a mac user, and happy with the OS. i just don't want to spend $550 on an overpriced, oversized ipad.


with android, i could at least keep my notes, calendar etc synced with my mac. not sure about the playbook...

but am gonna live with my macbook pro/iphone combo for now (while i wait for a 7" ipad...and wait, and wait...)

Token Ring
Posts: 198
Registered: ‎09-17-2009
Location: Toronto
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Re: adios A1.


There is no single thing is for everyone on this world . . .

so ?