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Paper Tape
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ideapad k1 theme with ota update

I purchased the k1 from office depot about a week ago. It is a great device and I really enjoy it. On the 28th there was an OTA update that allowed netflix on the device. That is a plus however there is now a sort of theme that was added with the update. There are white icons on the left side now and blue on the right. It doesn't seem to flow well now from a UI standpoint.


My question does anyone know if the theme can be put back to the stock honeycomb theme that it came with originally before the update? Maybe its just me but I am not happy with the theme at all.

Paper Tape
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Re: ideapad k1 theme with ota update

I know what you mean about the theme.  It looks a little more block-ish than the original.  As part of the update though, the task manager now has the red 'X' in the upper corner of each small window allowing you to kill background tasks very easily.  That's enough to keep me from wanting to go back.  Perhaps they'll put the nicer icons back in a future update.

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Re: ideapad k1 theme with ota update

jwr, bjerickson,


The 3 icons on the lower left definitely are made larger and bolder and the ability to close windows with the X was good to see.  I think the "waffle iron" in the middle of the display appears with this update as well, and provides a rotary view when you click it.


Thanks for your feedback on the UI.


Could you expand a bit on what you like most about the UI and some other kinds of things we might want to think about for future updates? 



Paper Tape
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Re: ideapad k1 theme with ota update

I do like the ability to close the windows, but I do find the application switcher in the center to be kinda pointless. When it comes to the theme, it would look better if the theme was a complete skin instead of partial. 


The other feature I would like to see is having the capability to disable the theme and use the stock android theme if we wanted to. Or have options to pick from several themes.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ideapad k1 theme with latest official ota update 111_25_USi

I like the k1 lenovo launcher, mainly because of ability to close apps. Sugestions: keep the honeycomb icon's styles just slightly modified so as to know it's lenovo's launcher, or just mantain honeycomb's colors... The wafle in the midle is weird....but the combination of closing apps on left side while opening new ones on right side seem more natural IMHO... And while we're considerimg changing the wafle about a regular bar -instead of a circle- to open apps... similar to the one that honecomb's lenovo has on LEFT for displaying and closing apps placed on RIGHT side of slate for opening apps...keeping all consistently styled...just taking your invitation for suggestions. By the way I love the Lenovo k1 :-) Cheers !!!.

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