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tablet's display settings keep resetting

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 64Gb, still running Nougat (even though it was supposed to ship with Oreo...but that's beside the point.)


starting a couple days ago, my tablet has suddenly started randomly rebooting itself, perhaps 2-3 times the first day, 3-4 times yesterday, and once so far today.  on top of that, just since last night it has also started resetting two particular display settings: display timeout, which i normally keep at one minute but it changes to 30 seconds, and screen rotation, which i keep set to auto-rotate but it keeps turning off.  the display settings will stay where i put them, but only until the tablet reboots or is powered off, whether due to a random reboot, an intentional reboot, a low-battery power down, or an intentional power down/power on...then it changes them again.  (and yes, i have tested/checked it each of these ways.)


i did install two apps recently that i'm about to uninstall once i back up my user data (since i use them frequently), which may be responsible for the restarts, but it doesn't seem to fit with the display settings issue which started a day and a half later.  i have already booted into recovery mode and cleared my system cache - no fix.  having the tablet plugged in versus on battery doesn't seem to matter as both issues occur both ways.  i do not have any battery optimizer apps or other similar apps on the device.


in case it's not one of the two apps, does anyone have any ideas what else it could be at this point?


edit: i forgot to mention that the volume setting ALSO resets; i normally keep my media volume silent when i'm not actively listening to something, but when it changes the display settings it also puts the media volume at 50%.  this started at the same time as the other settings changes.  also uninstalling the two recently installed apps did NOT fix the settings issue; i don't yet know if it solved the rebooting issue.

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