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4446 35U Screen Problems

2010-08-03, 7:27 AM

The screen on my son's laptop has been glitching, as in if I barely touch the side (like to adjust the tilt), it freaks out & gets all squiggly then stops when you're not touching it anymore. It even does it when you're just adjusting how it is sitting on your lap.


The only numbers that are on the back of the laptop are the 4446 35U and the serial number, but I have NO idea what "family" this belongs under, so I hope I am posting to the correct forum. I tried to submit a warranty ticket (still under warranty until 8-23) but it got kicked out for whatever reason, as they didn't even send me an email, call or anything! I had to look it up online.


ANYWAY, what can I do to fix this? And is it going to cost more than the P.O.S. cost me in the first place ($500 max)??


And while I'm fuming about this and other things about the Lenovo website, WHY is the warranty only good for 11 months when it says 1 year??? I bought the laptop in September 2009 & the warranty ends in August....What's up with that?!?!?!


I'd appreciate some help or even a phone number for warranty issues (I've been searching the website for hours & can't find one!) so I can get this fixed while still under warranty.


Thanks in advance for ANY help you can provide. 


Frustrated in Phoenix :mansad:


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Re: 4446 35U Screen Problems

2010-08-04, 4:24 AM

Hi. The warranty is usualy 1 year from the day when the laptops came to a distributor. If a distributor sold it to a retailer, and the retailer sold it to you, he must to contact Lenovo to report this situation.


Anyway, you can buy a warranty extension for a few bucks (2 or 3 years) to avoiding pay the repair of course. Call customer support first.


Check this: http://www.lenovo.com/contact/us/en/


You can call to 1-866-428-4465. Maybe they give you another number to call after that (RMA requests).


Your laptop is a G530. It belongs to the phone category "IdeaPad".


Best regards.

First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem


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Re: 4446 35U Screen Problems

2010-08-19, 17:00 PM





You have Lenovo G530, Type 4446, Model 35U.



Try upgrading BIOS. Latest BIOS says something about fixing display. Though your issue sounds more like a broken or loose contact. How about recording a video of this phenomenon and posting it on youtube. E-mail me the link I'll diagnose it for you.


It sounds like a cable.


For warranty CALL them. As soon as possible. Demand a fix.



If doing it yourself, I don't see it costing more than $150, unless it's a chip issue, in which case you can't replace it, not cost effective, since you have onboard video. You can still use your laptop by attaching an LCD monitor to it!!!






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Re: 4446 35U Screen Problems

2010-10-30, 20:27 PM


Hey Alex,

I have the same problem.

Can you possible look at the situation and give feedback. Thanks :)


here is wher video is hosted: http://www.mediafire.com/?1kjgn15vf6736bc


Thanks a ton :)


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Phoenix, AZ

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Re: 4446 35U Screen Problems

2010-10-31, 1:42 AM

Can you please explain how to upgrade BIOS?


Also, my husband fixed the hinge connections, it worked great for a month and of course I did not extend the warranty because I thought it was fixed, but guess what...it is doing it again! Hubs checked the hinges again, but doesn't think that's what the problem is now.


I'll take a video of the symptoms, it is a little different than the one just posted.


Thanks SO MUCH for the help!


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Re: 4446 35U Screen Problems

2011-05-27, 3:51 AM

I'm having the same problem.  I don't think it has to do with the power source, since I usually use it with the battery in and plugged into the charger, and it still does the same thing you're describing.  I would wiggle the screen around to fix it temporarily, but it always came back and it got progressively worse.  I recently took off the plate above the keyboard (the one with the power button on it) and tightened the screws in the metal plates that hold the hinges to the body, which were really loose.  The flickering virtually disappeared, but it shows up a little every once in a while, and I bet it will get worse...

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