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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎02-23-2012
Location: india
Accepted Solution

4GB RAM not visible to OS

Dear All,


I purchased a Lenovo G570 (Model Name: 20079).

It has Core i3 2350M and 4GB RAM.


I installed windows xp(32-bit).

When I checked the task manager/properties of my computer; it shows only 3GB of RAM.

Also I installed puppy linux(32-bit), and checked top; it shows 3GB of total memory.


What shall I do, so that 4GB will be visible to OS?



Srinivas Nayak

Community Moderator
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Re: 4GB RAM not visible to OS

hi snayak

i'm not sure about linux but windows xp doesn't support 4 gb ram at maximum. you can install it but the system will only use 3 gb of. you will need to install at least 64 bit operation system.

hope this helps.
Retired Guru
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Re: 4GB RAM not visible to OS

Same in Linux.
32 bit = 3GB
Paper Tape
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Location: assam

Re: 4GB RAM not visible to OS windows 7 32bit

i hav lenovo g570 20079 having i3 2330m n 4gb it is using only 3bg ram....1gb ram of ati radeon graphics card is not in use...plzz hlpp how to use all 4gb ram

Fanfold Paper
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Location: Egypt

Re: 4GB RAM not visible to OS

Use Operating system with 64Bit not 32Bit .