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Punch Card
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎08-28-2011
Location: Indiana
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ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

    My B-575 that was purchased from Best Buy here locally failed to boot and / or OKR upon bringing it home, so I contacted Lenovo .... Skipping the "long story - short" and getting right to my issue.  I need to know what software was factory installed on your B575 that utilizes your EgisTec ES603 Biometrics Device ( Fingerprint reader).  I have acquired the driver from Lenovo's support site, but there is no available software to utilize the device.  The support team @ Lenovo has no idea what to tell me except that they are sorry and looking into my issue.  If someone is able to provide me with the appropriate software, I as well as the support staff at Lenovo (I'm sure they're tired of me calling) would be eternally greatful.

    For anyone interested in how this problem evolved, feel free to ask.



Many thanks in advance.

Community Moderator
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Registered: ‎12-07-2009
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

Punch Card
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎08-28-2011
Location: Indiana
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

.... the first link is as you said, the driver.   Nothing more.  The second is just the "Security Suite" as Lenovo calls it, which is nothing more than a prompt to put in a password for logging into a user account and a password to resume standby/sleep modes.  Thank you for your reply, but I need the help from a person that has a B575 with an EgisTec ES603 Biometrics Device as stated above.    Lenovo's "Support Team" has been stumped with this problem for over a month now, and has been of no help.  The recovery discs they keep sending me are in Spanish, so there is an error in their database somewhere.  All I'm looking for is someone to tell me what "Program" is utilizng the ES603 for us (the user) to interface with.  A clean install fo Win 7 Premium shows no option for Biometrics Devices in the Control Panel / Hardware and Sound, unless I install some third-party framework, however it still can not be intialized.  


In short, for anyone out there with a B575, please just post what, if any software you use to interface with your fingerprint driver.  (Windows itself?, BioExcess? ect., ect.)


Thanks for looking

Punch Card
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎08-28-2011
Location: Indiana
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

[ Edited ]

Also, if I may ask....


why did you move my thread to Lenovo 3000 and Value Line Systems? I thought it was in the appropriate place since it's a question regarding a B 575.  My concern is that noone looking here is probably using a Lenovo B575.

Community Moderator
Posts: 13,451
Registered: ‎12-07-2009
Location: Česká Republika
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

[ Edited ]

first of all, it's 3000 serie, not ideapad.
secondly, is there any chance you to install operation system from recovery discs or by one key recover?


try this:
Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎11-10-2011
Location: Seattle
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

Can you explain why it's a 3000 series and not a b575?

Posts: 9,293
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Registered: ‎11-27-2007
Location: Bonnie Scotland
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

It is a B575 which belongs to the 3000 or, also known as, the Value line series / collection of systems. IdeaPads and ThinkPads are also separate series / collections.


As there are different boards for the different series / collections yigit move the thread to the correct board for the series to which the B575 belongs.



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Token Ring
Posts: 220
Registered: ‎11-01-2011
Location: boston
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

long story short -not much details = deck of cards.

i never get why people who post "my pc dont work and then then expect like majic the web will fix it.

details are import.

was the disc reformat?

what happen after the failed boot?

your asking for a driver that is a very complex security device.

it not some flip a switch item.

if it were then it be worthless as a security device.


the fingerprinter device works with a TPM device,not all do but this one dose.

the device also needs a special part on the hard drive.dont have that it wont work.

the device must log on a 2nd account to work.


lenovo sets all this up at the factory so when you get your pc it will work.

flip out hard drive or reinstall windows or reformat and it wont work right.


see how i made a list of details here.

i explaine all things that work with this device.

details are important and long story short wont get you anywhere nor will DIY software installs.

the devil allways in the details.


the reason this device is so comple is that no one can come along and just crack it.

windows 7 has fingerprint reader built in.

but that makes it really easy to exploit that secuity if it core level.

fingerpprint readers got a bad name after so many were compromised with simple tricks.

lenovo made a extra effort to make sure this one is hard to exploit and that makes it harder to just drop in a driver.

now you might want to go back to the start and explaine everything as they happen.


What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-27-2012
Location: peterborough on
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Re: ATTN: Any and All B575 Owners : I need your help

wow people are rude here


The seagate harddrive that came in the b575 fried in months for anyone i know who owns one. bad for lenovo's name because this is a great machine. and probably what happened to him is **bleep**ty seagate fried put new one in installed everything himself and didnt realize the hard drive was fine the connectors on the chip burnt (literally burnt like they are black) so he couldnt get his original program from egistech that would have been a bonus offer or something. 


You need to get the software from egis tech this is not lenovos problem truly. egis tech fingerprint reader=egis tech software. u can get a free trial but have to buy the software. windows has a free version you can use no i dont have a link google it.


furthermore i am not a computer technition in any way but once the driver is installed it doesnt work anyway the program cannot find the driver and time before driver wouldnt install as the hardware it was just downloading the sofware and not recognizing the device. 


But again Go to google search Egis tech biometric sercives you will see it.


and again theres no need to be angry about a comment....... dont have to answer.... just makes people afraid to ask

grammer was on purpose. Rude comments about it are welcome he was just looking for someone who would recognise the problem as I just did