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Paper Tape
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B50-30 boot up issues

I've had this laptop for less than a year. Up until yesterday, other than random download speed issues, it's worked relatively fine. I was about to use it to check my emails and when I turned it on to boot up, it decided to run slower than the first computer ever built.


When I turn it in, it displays the Lenovo logo with loading symbol. This goes for about 20 minutes and then changes to a black screen with mouse pointer visible. It stays like this for a further 20+ minutes and then goes to the regular login screen. 


If I login successfully, it takes another 20-30 minutes to load to the desktop, after which nothing happens. It doesn't let me click anything, it just sits and loads the nothing it's been told to do. 


I've tried a factory reset by pressing shift+restart at login but because the processing speed is so low, it blue screens, displays the sad face emoji and then resets itself instead of letting me select any options. 


What does one do in this situation? 

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Re: B50-30 boot up issues

Hello Thelittlespook

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

Try a static discharge for this, it may help to resolve the issue or at least get rid of any built up static on the motherboard.

(If the battery is internal, please just skip the remove/replace battery steps.)
1. Turn the unit off
2. Remove the battery and the Mains adapter
3. Press and hold the front power button for 30 seconds
4. Replace the battery and the Mains adapter
5. Turn the unit on as normal

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Paper Tape
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Re: B50-30 boot up issues

I tried that and it's still doing the same.

I managed to force it into letting me do a factory reset yesterday but it lagged so much that it got an error message god only knows when (it was running for over an hour before I left the house and then left for 2 hours) and said that there was an error resetting and no changes were made.
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Re: B50-30 boot up issues

What is the blue screen error you are getting?


Run a few tests from this link -

You should try Storage test, memory test, motherboard test, CPU test.


Update us how it goes.







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Paper Tape
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Re: B50-30 boot up issues

I've got as far as having it tell me I can do a factory reset, I tell it to go ahead and it then it sends me to a blue screen with Reset this PC in large text and getting things ready below it with a buffering symbol. The symbol works, it's not frozen.

I watched it attentively today. It ran for over 3 hours before moving to a different blue screen which displayed "Error resetting no changes were made" and then it had a cancel option. I cancelled it and then it displayed a blue screen so I'm then forced to turn the computer off and either start again or refrain from throwing it at the wall.

I can't run any diagnostics on the because it doesn't function. The last time it did turn on, it lagged so badly that it couldn't move past the desktop. When I clicked anything, it wouldn't register. As it is, it takes 10 minutes for it to even register that I've typed anything at the login screen.
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Re: B50-30 boot up issues

A couple of things come to mind here... The first would be HDD failure, followed by overheating and lastly an issue with hardware that would require service center interaction.  I would suggest contacting Lenovo support by phone to verify warranty status before going much further.  If under warranty - send to service center for repair.  Take pictures of the computer, as you have it, front back and inside including screen (working or not), as this my become helpful.


Some actions that may help determine root cause:


1.  Boot comptuer from Linux DVD - see if it works normally using this "live DVD" option.

2.  Use clean, canned computer air to blow out dust / debris from vents.

3.  Remove access panel, check memory and reseat sticks to clean connectors.

4.  Remove HDD, insert known good and see if boots properly.


A Linux DVD (Linux Mint distribution) used in "live mode"  ie... boot from DVD will not load onto or peform destructive operations to the hard drive, just allow you to see files and copy them to flash drives.  This is very usefull and highly recommended before you send off to a service center, they do not "save" customer data.


Using canned air vs blower or compressor air:


1. Canned air is clean, free of particulates and oils

2.  Lower pressure, will not damage SMD parts

3.  Does not void warranty


Good luck.



I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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