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Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1


Today I forwent Lenovo B5400 because the touchpad's problem is very popular.

I exchanged its on Lenovo B590. It's a older model but it's free from defects and a bit cheaper.

Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

How do I send a PM?


Edit: Now I realised how.

Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

I have same problem am using Windows 8.1 pro. After i sent my laptop to the service twice they did no think to solve the problem !!.

First time i sent it to them they told me that there is a problem with your Harddisk and its occurce the problem !! after 2 dayes from received my laptop form the service, touchpad problem occurce again.

In my 2nd sending to the service they told me WE DID NOT FOUND ANY HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE PROBLEM IN YOUR LAPTOP and sent it to me back !! so shame .. what should i do ..

i wanna to open the laptop back and place electric tape as @tsears said but am afraid that the warranty will gone .. so any advice how to solve :/ 

thanks in advance 


Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

I have the same problem with my Lenovo B5400 touchpad on 8.1 but after I uninstalled the power management utility and UNCHECKED the (Enhance Mouse Precision) in the Mouse Option, the touchpad gone notably better !

I suggest you give it a try and reply to me

Punch Card
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

Hi Again,


Since electical taping the trackpad it has been working perfectly! I have contacted Lenovo and see if they can do anything about the issue, as we have recenty bought 31 of the units and would hate to have to do it on them all!


As requested i have put the photos on my OneDrive so everyone can enlarge them if needed. Here are the 2 links:


Without Tape:!6121&authkey=!AKqaLs4H7wl989k&v=3&ithint=phot...


With Tape:!6120&authkey=!AAuM3EDJnzfT8Hg&v=3&ithint=phot...


If anyone would like anymore detail, please just message back or PM me





Punch Card
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

I discovered a new situation,when the touchpad doesn't work and I push two second on middle of touchpad,he work a little bit time.
Well,tsears seems to have right.


Now the guarantee would need to get all products for repair.

Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

Lenovo .... smells bad, long time since I enter the forum because the laptops bought returned all, and for several months we do not sell notebooks Lenovo.
The problem with touch and detect that ought to be something of electrostatics.
That the only way to repair them properly, would change the tactile with others of better quality, or well said our companion, get isolated.
I'm sure the Lenovo sat knew this.
They try not execute guarantees that costs them money.
In Spain sell laptops, the law mandates that have 2 years warranty. But they only give 1 year warranty. The second refuse to apply it, ripping off customers.
Playing with clients. This repair is not made, let time pass. If you open the laptop for repair, you lose the warranty. As time passes, and as the year goes on, and you have no warranty. Perfect for Lenovo, but bad for the customers...
This I can show proof, Mark_Lenovo

What's DOS?
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

I also had problems with my Lenovo B5400's touchpad. I think that I have found solution.


Please do as follows:

1) Install latest Synaptics driver if you don't have

2) Go to your Synaptics driver settings

3) In settings disable all options beside 'Buttons' and alternatively 'Taps' (You have to Disable 'Gestures' and 'Scrolling')

4) Install application two-finger-scroll (1.0.6 is the latest version)

5) In application two-finger-scroll set to run it when Windows starts. Choose your prefered two fingers scrolling (experiment) and you may also set two fingers tapping as middle button.


I understand that touchpad problem is probably hardware problem, but solution I gave is as far by now the best in my case.


Please write if this worked in your Lenovos!


Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

The same problem is appeared again !! the service did not fixed the problem they told me there is no hardware or software problem !!

I called them again to tell them that the problem is back again The costumer service asked me by the phone to remote to my laptop to see the problem .. and they did and they found the problem and they told me to package it and set it to the and they will sent it to the technique service department. am afraid that they will not detect it again after 3rd time of sending it to them with the same touchpad problem.

What should i do :/
Paper Tape
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Re: B5400 Touchpad problems win8.1

I leave them video of problem in computer

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