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B560 Lenovo Energy Manager won't remember settings



I have a Lenovo B560 series with Windows Home Premium 7.  The computer is approximately three months old and works fine,  except for the Lenovo Energy Manager utility.


I set it for "High Performance". When the system is powered by the battery and this gets low, my system changes to "Energy Star" mode. And this mode does not change even when I plug in the AC adapter, or when I restart the system and recharge the battery.


This occurs even though I have changed multiple settings, (IE screen dim time) etc. and clicked on Save.  Why is it that this PC will not remember the power management settings?




You could address this by


1. Starting up your computer in Safe Mode, then change Lenovo Energy Management and restart your system.




2. Remove and re-install an updated Lenovo Energy Management software.


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