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I am trying to connect to internet with my mobile Higspeed broadband sim card, and do not find a way to do that.


The B560 is equipped with a SIM-Card-Slot-In and through this slot i can see some golden conectors.

However, if i turn on the wireless-functionality with [Fn]+[F5],i just can see the image of WLAN-Card on/off switch.


Even the installation of ReadyComm 5 did not solve my problem.


My notebook is Win7 home premium with the normal standard-setup, no changes.


Is there something I have not taken?


Check if your B560 has WWAN card.


Even if you have a sim card reader, it does not mean that you have a modem installed inside. If your laptop is WWAN ready, it should comes with the sim card reader and the antenna installed and that's it.


Also, if you can't see the WWAN modem in the Fn+F5 menu it's most likely because your B560 Does not have a modem.


You can check if your B560 has a WWAN modem in this system configuration page:

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dear sir 

              i want to access sim slot in my laptop b460 so please solve my issue.