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What's DOS?
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B570 Won't Start

Problem started somewhat gradually - blue screen and then wouldn't boot unless in safe mode.


Now I can't even get it to start in safe mode.  Intro screen shows Lenovo logo, with F2 and F12 options, but won't start with F8 held down.  I've reseated RAM, to no avail.


This system didn't come with Win7 disc, and I can't even get to recovery prompt, so I'm lost.


The fact that I can't even get into safe mode, does that suggest the problem is in the BIOS?


Any help is appreciated as my daughter's summer homework is on this machine (backed up a few hours of work before this condition became terminal).



What's DOS?
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Re: B570 Won't Start

Update - 


Now, I'm consistently getting a "Disk Read Error" message.


Since this PC did not come with a Windows CD, I'm not sure how to boot it from media other than the HD.

Punch Card
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Re: B570 Won't Start

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The blue screens sounds like the OS running into bad sectors on the HD...and the disk read error sounds like the eventual failing of your HD completely...which if this is the case short of going to a data recovery expert (big bucks) Your data is gone,and your OS is gone and needs a reinstall onto a new HD. Not to sound like I am lecturing so forgive me but this is why they recommend creating backup discs the first week you use your system.  I would contact Lenovo for support as that sounds the likely culprit (unless it's out of warranty then it's cheaper to do yourself).

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