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I purchased a Lenovo B570 with an Intel B950 dual-core 2.1 Mhz processor and 3GB of DDR3 RAM. Both available memory slots are listed as occupied, so the memory configuration would be 2GB +1GB.


I would like to upgrade the total RAM to 6GB = keep the original 2GB stick, and replace the 1GB with a 4GB stick.


I need to know if mixing different brands of RAM is possible on Lenovo laptops, and what type (brand) and speed (1333 or else) should work. For instance, Crucial's website claims that its memory is good for Lenovo laptops, however, it doesn't say if it works when mixed with preinstalled Lenovo stick.


The pre-installed RAM in my B570 says it is 1333. I wasn't able to determine whether the RAM is PC3-10600, PC3-10660 or PC3-10666. 

I would appreciate some help in finding out if I can safely go for RAM modules branded as either PC3-10666 or PC3-10600.

I don't understand what these distinctions are for.


You can find the compatible devices ( ram ) on the manual below.


Usually there should be no issue with the supported ram sticks, however, make sure you are using the same speed of the RAM.


PC3-10600, PC10660 and PC3-10666 are having the same bandwith 1333MHz. 


The number for example 10600 just refers to the peak transfer rate - 10,600 MB/s

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please use first  CPU-Z freeware to find out what brand, type and part number of RAM modules are installed in your machine...

then preferably add RAM from the same manufacturer and even better the same part number,

although it often works well with mixed ram from various manufacturers.... Zehn