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What's DOS?
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B570 vs. G570

Looking into purchasing one of these laptops, can someone please explain the difference between a lenovo b570 and a g570? Thanks.



Paper Tape
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Re: B570 vs. G570

I'm just a Lenovo 3000 series user, no expert. My wife has a G575 and I have a B575. The 5 suffex just means the machines have AMD Vision processors. I believe G570's and B570's have intel processors. I kind of like the B series better because it adds a fingerprint reader, HDMI port and one of the four USB 2 ports is a combo ESATA/USB port. It also has a different type of screen hinge that extends to the end of the unit that seems a  bit more stable. The touch pad on the B series is also a little bit larger. The deck of the B series has less rounded edges though, and is not quite as comfortable as the G series if you rest your wrists there while you are typing. I personally don't find this to be a problem. Both machines are great though, and we haven't had any problems at all. They have fantastic keyboards ( both models seem to have the same keyboard ) and are a heck of a bang for the buck......Good luck with your decision..........

What's DOS?
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Re: B570 vs. G570

I found some info : g570 = 2,36kg with battery vs. B570=2,5kg with battery ..... is it true ? And second question are those laptops have a mat plastic ? (Mean no fingers..). THX for help :-)
What's DOS?
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Re: B570 vs. G570

edit :

ok, i buy a lenovo B570e with pentium b960 and 4gb ram....

I think the b570 is pretty nice one.. and I'm very happy after buy and first contact.. Who dont like a grale glosy plastic this model b570 is perfect for him..

Better keyboard and plastic than Asus and Acer (the same price).
Blue Screen Again
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G570 / B570

I have a G570, whats the difference between this and a B570?


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Re: B570 vs. G570

Well if you are planning on buy it , be vary careful

I owned G570 for a year+ now here is my 2 cent on it






I like it cause it's KINDa aluminum casing

Keyboard feels good

Main part it's an Intel board w/Intel video chip



Mouse pad is not as responsive / sensitive as other brands

after about 5-6 months I encountered dead pixels and bad camera (took me 1 week to prove it wasn't my fault)

Hard driver start failing after about 9-10 months

Usb port near a power plug is glitching

Face recognition only works from 8am-4:30pm(**bleep** still can't understand that part)



As been mentioned by other user Xxx5 means it's an AMD

The reason I don't go that route cause I had AMD and every one I had has either burned a GPU or pathways on mobo or.......

Also if you have AMD Some OS are not as responsive in Virtual Environment

So I went with Intel for that reason and the other SOMEWHAT true reason Intel resell value is much better




Once again Plan a head before you buy it


I bought it with Win 7 Home Pre then upgraded to Pro which cause my onside repair(3 years for extra money) warranty becoming void, tech support told me today (I'm still shocked)


other then upgrades that cause warranty becoming void 

You must understand that it's a software and it can always be excluded changed installed or uninstalled



Blue Screen Again
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Re: B570 vs. G570

and what about the Z570?
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Re: B570 vs. G570

if you can afford, i suggest y570 instead.
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