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Blue Screen Again
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BIOS h9et92ww.exe do not update on B490

I can not update my bios.
My Bios was in H1ET82BX (1.21), downgraded to H1ET80WW (1.19) and managed to upgrade to H1ET85WW (1.23), but I am not able to upgrade to the newer version through the h9et92ww.exe file made available on the download page.
I tried in Win10 and Win7, I get the same error "Your machine does not match with this bios."

And why do I want to update the BIOS?
To try to make a Centrino 2230 wireless card work. That I was indicated in another topic here.
When I put it in the note, I get an error code 1802. I imagine that perhaps updating the BIOS this error will disappear.


h9et92ww error 1.jpgBIOS update setuph9et92ww error 2.jpgBios update setup error

Image Removed



IMG_20171030_134427~2.jpgWiFi boot error


Mod's Edit: Image removed for owner's protection as it showed the serial number of the system.  If you wish to repost the image please edit out the serial number.  Thanks!

B490 Laptop (Lenovo),  Machine Type Model 37722FP



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